Long time ago, they left the  boundaries 
Like an eagle from afar, they sight our mysteries 
In the system, they saw mismanagement within 
They robbed their way in
They killed their fellow uniform man eventually 
And the cycle continues circularly
Civilians pursued
Powers misused
Purpose is defeated 

We have formally forgotten those days
When virtues of peace were promoted with violence 
When the press were oppressed 
When justice was jeopardized 
When our constitution was constrained to contempt without conscience 
When the scales were afraid of scary blood, but love printed papers
When the beaks of singing parrots were broken 
When religious teachers were treated rigorously 
Purpose is defeated 

Purpose came again 
Our uniform men are well informed 
But they are not well equipped 
A great battalion with good  training 
Against that without training 
A great battalion with pieces of metal
Against that with powerful machines
Ready but not resourceful 
Purpose is defeated 

No longer dying for the nation 
Lets bring down those rebels
A call of duty to the north
They respond with gallant boots and courage 
They respond with pieces of metal on their hands 
They respond to a place where many have fallen 
Even at that, they fought gallantly 
They were made to improvise arms
Purpose is defeated 

They return with blood stained boots, hands and courage 
Their faces and pieces of metal looking down 
They have fought a good fight 
But sorrow lurks around our families 
Women now widows
Offsprings now orphans  
Uncle died as one of them 
Father retired as one of them
Pension still on attention, no ease? 
Purpose is defeated 

Purpose is here again 
Retreat!  Retreat!!  Retreat!!! 
Fela Kuti sang 'Zombie! '
Check point checking for phone users
Bloody civilians!  Dont make a call here! 
Sheep flogged, goats flee
They get recruited just for revenge
Purpose is defeated 

Purpose is here again today 
Where natural death is rare
People are killed 
People are killing 
People are on their way to kill
Cows are chewing crops
Crops are chewing cows
This is not normal! 
Purpose is defeated. 

©Kporho Vwede Daniel
 (a.k.a. General Ali official)

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<Deleted User> (19836)

Thu 19th Jul 2018 21:38

Sometimes the truth hurts and reality is cruel but you have managed to express it magnificently! Bravo

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