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A Marriage of Ghosts - July 2018 Collage Poem

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Aqueous humour's not very funny

Neither is how easily we forget

The story of each other's pain


Arranged marriages of spirits and the

remnants of deep pain


The sky is a plush blue velvet

Its papery clouds are upon it

As if they are lace - the 

Dew glistens on the grass

Like numerous bright eyes looking

Up at the sky


The wrong arrangement can be distant,

Can be cold, can be marriage

Between two ghosts


Half-blind mouse circumnavigates a cat's shadow,

Cast by barrels on a cellar wall

The one-eyed moggy muses on his strike time.


Short and wailing walls, 

A growing body of similar similes:

The raindrops smell of splintered bone.



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Don Matthews

Wed 11th Jul 2018 13:27

I know I'm not skilled in the intricacies of poetic appreciation, but I understood the idea was to communicate to the reader in a way they could understand and take something worthwhile away. I'm sorry, but I haven't a clue what you're talking about or trying to communicate here.

DM ?

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John F Keane

Wed 11th Jul 2018 06:37

The collage is built on the meeting's poems and the common theme which underlies them. However, there are sometimes synchronicities at work which are hard to explain. For example, the motif of one-eyedness which defines this collage arose quite spontaneously in the separate contributions of three different participants.

<Deleted User> (18980)

Mon 9th Jul 2018 23:25

I'm fascinated how your group works together to devise pieces because this one is a complete mystery to me, disjointed yet strangely compelling. As indeed was last month's.

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