Things went so well on our first date

We dined by candlelight

We’d met across the internet

An Older Singles site.


The wine flowed freely through the night

And conversation too

We hit it off so well the we

Might start our lives anew.


But there’s a saying, though, that’s been

The joke and curse of Man

That if you want to make them laugh

Just tell the Gods your plan.


One question that she asked and I

Sensed my chance had gone

”How old do you suppose I am.”

I answered, “Knocking on”.




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John Coopey

Mon 2nd Jul 2018 19:12

It’s not in the dental department where my body is malfunctioning, Ray.

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Mon 2nd Jul 2018 18:37

You should have lied through your teeth, as long as you've got some John!


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John Coopey

Sun 1st Jul 2018 20:58

I’ll never understand women, Graham and Brian!

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Graham Sherwood

Sun 1st Jul 2018 20:42


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Brian Maryon

Sun 1st Jul 2018 20:29

John - you know they're old when they ask that. And men are the same. We're all vain.

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John Coopey

Sun 1st Jul 2018 20:19

...sometimes you know as soon as you’ve said it!
Thanks, Martin, Hazel.

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Martin Elder

Sun 1st Jul 2018 19:29

Oh dear indeed John. What a charmer. Puts me in mind of the character in Goodness gracious me, who is forever taking a woman out to dinner and getting it wrong

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Hazel ettridge

Sun 1st Jul 2018 19:10

Oh dear!

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