The Quality of Our Solitude


after you scrape the ads

swipe off the phone

dial down the sugar,

fat, and tobacco 


stop worrying about bills

department manager

to-do list and

tiny revenge scenarios


how's it going in there

how's the quality of your solitude


forgetting the music

voice to exercise

pornographic Gifs

translations unrealized


what frequencies do you hear

What does your void look like 

does God have a beard

is anything purple and beach-like


there's nothing that compares 

with that roaring silence


naked on a log

the cold has returned 

I grab your fingers

gently pulling you 


we're eye to eye

the moment dissolves

your roar swallows mine

I forget what we are

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Hannah Collins

Thu 12th Jul 2018 20:57

Enjoyed this one.
Beautifully expressed.


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