A break in the calm

A dry throat

a shaky leg

pains in my arm

cannot swallow

a lump in my throat

playing with the zipper

on my tattered old coat

people buzzing around

a friend in the ear

things will be okay

terror is rising

a sweat covered fear

clammy hands rubbing together

will this go or is it forever

home now home

you can make it dizzy

inside can you take this

through the front door

safety redeemed

its over now friend

released and freed.


This is a little poem reflecting part of my mental illness which is Agorophobia. A demonj  I have wrestled with for years. Many people cannot grasp how I feel so I put pen to paper and tried to describe in rhyme Enjoy!


Demon demon ►


Big Sal

Mon 6th Aug 2018 01:48

I hate crowds, and I know how good it feels to put intense emotions onto page and write a poem about it. Keep expressing yourself if you need a conduit of positivity and healthy self-reflection.?

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