I noticed Jeremy Hunt at the front

adjusting his tie for the world watching,

where actors playing Churchill were filmed

 bully beef rotting on the vine

the squatting of force prepared.

For once the dramatics were plain to see

a sense of occasion contained,

body clocks at ground zero


flies assembled around shit that smelled so fresh

designed to be impressed. 

boys used to play cowboys and indians

with capguns in cloistered gardens. 

Well here's your chance boys!


Jeremy, recently elevated looked very pleased,

not phased in the least by an instant switch

to more pressing commitments abroad.

leaving at home his rictus grin

to let some Blenheim history soak in. 







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Sat 14th Jul 2018 22:42

Thanks for all your likes, Jon , Brian, Anya and Pat. After the little skirmishes which I enjoyed I feel some cats were let out of bags, the birds flying out of the cages simultaneously. I know everybody means well, but I think we should all take time to stand and listen to the National Anthem ! (is their an international one? bloody well should be - it saves time. Joyti, I agree it was a great poem (by the way).


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Don Matthews

Sat 14th Jul 2018 01:33

Joyti - You excel in the school of mocking/agitating. You must have passed with honours.


Sat 14th Jul 2018 01:25

Dear oh dear, you are funny Don, try harder.

Ray lives just around the corner from me, he knows I like him. X

Oh by the way, great poem Ray.

Goodnight everyone x

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Don Matthews

Sat 14th Jul 2018 01:14

Jayti (oops Joyti) - your lengthy and verbose comments suggests someone who enjoys listening to themselves.

BTW I noticed you're constant verbosing 'bout Ray's poem but no 'like' button response?.... At least Brian had the decency to do this...but then there's no print here for you to bask in hey?

" It seems the only purpose of your comment was to agitate, can you address that? It amazes me the things people don’t see." How rude!

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Fri 13th Jul 2018 19:24

Well I don't know, really. I was about to delete this, as I thought it is was just a waste of space. What was I thinking of! The positive ions in the atmosphere were getting to me, and I got carried away. Now it's rained, I feel more magnanimous. Nevertheless, I am much entertained by the sport of kings thus displayed in terms of ye olde comments, what!

Where were the grandees of the Palace - was the space rented out, or were they added to the line up of historical pageantry befitting to such a place? Should have released the hounds I reckon.

Thanks Joyti and Brian !


Fri 13th Jul 2018 18:38

Hahaha, who said I wasn’t provoked Yojimbo? he had rudely tackled my son at the hors d'oeuvre for which I deemed he required punishment.

What world do you live in Mr Maryon? I don't go through life expecting people to be constantly nice to me, I don't get worried when people are abusive or unkind to me, I simply try my best to meet half way, if that doesn't work I destroy them with whit and/or sharp tongue, (where permitted, yawn!) that's life pal, that or a 7.62mm or 9mm or 5.56mm if you want to be exotic, or just turn away, which is actually the hardest thing evidently for me.

And what of Ray’s poem, have you no comment to make? You surely realise you may be breaking WoL guidelines, simply chatting for effect. It seems the only purpose of your comment was to agitate, can you address that? It amazes me the things people don’t see.

Demeaned! Lol, so funny. I made a constructive comment on it, unlike you Mr Maryon.

Oh sorry, great poem Ray. ???

Impact is so lost after the prompt, forgive me for livening up a rather dull July, look at the numbers folks.

Did I mention, great poem by the way Ray.

And should he have engaged me similarly I am sure I could have responded with conversation without the need of VAR.

I am advised it’s something referred to as freedom of speech, always cautious of those who resist it.

Oh great poem by the way Ray.

And exceptionally by the way, I’m on the side of the little people, those like me.

Just in case I didn’t mention, great poem Ray.

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Brian Maryon

Fri 13th Jul 2018 18:32

Sorry Ray...a very fine piece which Joyti has demeaned.

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Brian Maryon

Fri 13th Jul 2018 18:31

Well I can't let that one go Joyti!

How incredibly rude. How would you have liked it if he'd said that to you with no provocation? Or something similarly offensive?


Fri 13th Jul 2018 18:04

I met Jeremy first at one of my sons graduations, we lived in his constituency.

Quietly and without fuss whilst helping myself to the fine buffet, I mentioned to him that I thought he was a c—-, he never complained. I can only assume from this that he agreed and felt no reason to contest my assumption. (What a relief that real life requires no moderators) just courage.

Since Wednesday I have broken bread with various members of the NHS who could only be happier if Jezzer were dead.

That said I have convened with several FCO associates who are now considering retirement.

Oh lest I forget, a wonderful poem btw. I love that abbreviation, a bit like lbw without the colonial implication.

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