Broken Scarred Up Angel In Her

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{Broken Scarred Up Angel In Her} 



As she once was loved so much that she made being broken look easy to do and to live each day of her darkened scarred up dying life 


And now she sits alone with regrets of what might have been but was never good enough for you or anyone 


And as she cries alone in her cold darkened bed room which became her living grave of a death she has already died from a million times it seems 


And as she fights back the scarred up tears that is drowning and suffocating her as she hollers out loud but no one hears her because she's been silenced from the duct tape across her mouth as she slowly slips away as no one knew her anyways besides the other broken darkened angels that was accompanying her on her journey no matter where that might leadeth her on her road of darkness which she wishes would just die away from her so she wouldn't have to worry or suffer any more from being a broken scarred up angel that's on the road of death in the first place as she leaves this awful ungodly place which is her eternal resting place that feels like a hot burning hell that's amongst the other broken scarred up angels and where they remained at as it's their personal hell and where they'll always dwell at 




©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer July 1,2018 

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