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Into The Fire

You've always been cold,

I claimed you used to have a heart of Gold but in reality your soul is as black as coal and you've been using it as fuel since I was born.  

You took me for a fool years ago and it took me this long to understand your lies we're nothing but empty promises to pass the time.

You're a con artist,
A professional snake.
A manipulative genius,
Pinocchio without a f...

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Unknown Territory

Perception and desire comes at the in between the lines of

"She has cooties but maybe I want them."

That day in class when the girl with the funny nose is the only one you want to hear when you tell your "best friends" that joke your Uncle Tom told you.

Likewise it was highly inappropriate and vulgar for the funny nose girl but in continuous;
She giggles.

Perception is seeing the funny nose g...

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It's been creeping on my doorstep knocking at the door,

Said it's name is Depression and he wants to talk. 

"No thanks, go home."

"I am home" the mother fucker said.

"I wanted to surprise you and just show up with no invite or reason I missed you buddy."

"Well I didn't miss you" I said. 

"You were the worst roommate I ever had."


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Half Of You

Half of you just stop giving a fuck.  

And half of you pretend.  

You'll deny the fact that you're too young to hurt this much and reply with "fuck it right."

"That's what society has taught us right?"

"If you close your goddamn eyes then your blind  right?"

But no,
You're not listening.  

I give you my advice but you keep chugging that whiskey.  

Think you're too broken for fixing holy sh...

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Product Of Society

When we were little.  
We saw things black and white.  

It was always a yes or no.
This is wrong and this is right.  

All Candies and sweets, chocolate and anything involved with the word Wonka or Nestle was sugar bound and off limits.  

And then we got older.  
And questions pop up.  

"Why can't we do this?"
"Why can't we go here?"
"But why not?"

"Because I said so" our mothers would sa...

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2,190 Steps Back

It's ironic.  

How sweetly your lips felt the last time I kissed them so fucking toxic.  

This heart dropped to a stutter my stomach went instantly nauseous.  

You are so hypnotic my emotions became hypnotized.
Blinded by empty promises turned into lies.  

And I still deny that I am being pulled from both ends.  

I still pretend you aren't shredding me apart because I still bend to your will...

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She's that fire you add gasoline too just to see her light up your world.  

That lit end of a joint you breathe in every day that used to burn but now gets you high.  

She is that sundown pill you pop at night and take a sip and in the morning she's still in your arms.  

That morning coffee kiss sweet enough to break away the bags under your eyes as her hair tickles your cheek.  

Waking up fro...

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I'll rip off the crown you've demanded over your head for so very long,
One you did not deserve nor place respect upon its Halo from the metaphoric horns from your temples; you are wrong.

There is no honor in your practice yet the throne you sit on appeals to all the shit you've spilled and it's ideal to you to babble in your pathetic glory that you're a "man" at all.

You've sat in fraudulent g...

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If Nothing, Let There Be Nothing

Nothing was finished when you we're finished with me.

You had crossed the make believe finish line but the factual system of my heart didn't have such opinion.

I didn't even begin yet.
I had so many things needed to be felt and to begin was something I had not fathomed.

I wasn't ready to run away while you we're sprinting.

I didn't have the chance to thank you for the lessons.
For the hidden...

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Flowers Grow Where Ashes Fell

Judge a book by its cover.  
See the rippled front.  
The fade of the colors,
The missing corners that show the first page.  
Observe the hell out of it.  

To not is nothing but refusal.  
Neglect and impatience.

We've been told to break our basic instinct and only read the title of a story and see it as the same as the new one next to it.

An equal clarity that both have undergone a mindfu...

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When I Think Of You

When I think of you,
I empty this bottle,
Drinking on a lucky thought trying to drown the sorrow.

And when I think of you,
I think about tomorrow.  
Hoping that in some way I don't fly away cause I feel so hollow.  

And when I think of you,
I see that beautiful smile,
That one that made all the fighting and the pain all the worthwhile.  

But we pushed and pulled till we couldn't anymore. ...

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I've been trying to push myself.

Open up to my mind that I'm so stubborn to change so stuck in my ways and the irony is I have a tattoo on my left hand symbolizing "open to change" but I find myself every day doing the exact opposite.

I open my mind to new thoughts but I do not change mine. I'm insensitive to most things because I find happiness when I'm alone so my mind has told me to forget ev...

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