The demons that only I knew

Would you believe me

If I told you the truth

Would you stay with me,

Or would you just leave?

Would you still feel 

The way that you do

If you saw me kneel

Before the demons so cruel?

I tried to escape

But it fell right through

It was never fate

What should I do?

I didn't mean to fail 

I did choose you

But the monsters fight

Harder than I'm able to

I'm a one man army

Soldiers too few

The battle is losing

My loss nearly due

The ending is near

That much is true 

And as the night falls

And as if on cue

I fall before these creatures

That only I knew 

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Big Sal

Thu 26th Jul 2018 23:38

That's awesome you're shooting for an anthology. They are lots of hard work, restless afternoons, and sometimes a lot to chew, but so worth it. I'm releasing my second anthology very soon and must tend to it every single day and every free moment I have.

If I can offer a few tidbits of advice: Save the work you wish to compile onto one or more flash drive USBs, it has saved me more times than I could count (in case a computer goes out or a notebook gets lost). Secondly, edit, edit, and edit some more. I find that is the most time-consuming bit of every anthology, and sometimes I still miss a thing or two. It is increasingly expensive to pay for such a thing, but self-publishing can ease some of the burdens if done correctly. But if you save every piece you wish to publish, then do so on a flash drive if possible, and always remember to edit your work. Trust me, it can be a life-saver. You don't want to work hard for months only for it to be lost over something minor and minuscule.

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Don Matthews

Thu 26th Jul 2018 23:32

I like it Hayley. The rhyme and the rhythm sound good. Especially like the lines 'I'm a one man army, soldiers too few'?

What's this about not being fond of the sun? FUN BUS trippers just luv the sun. Come on a trip with Tina, Gina and froggie and find out how invigorating a dose of this golden drop from heaven can be

D?. Notice I have to wear sunnies here and in pic...

ribbit....(go Don)

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HayzTee (Hayley)

Thu 26th Jul 2018 23:20

I shall be publishing a new poem I just finished now around 12pm about british summer. I quite like the rhythm i feel it has and I believe it shows the comical but typical side to it to, well mainly for lower to middle class haha ?

Not overly fond of the sun, as you'll soon see ?

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HayzTee (Hayley)

Thu 26th Jul 2018 23:16

Thankyou so much ? I really do love getting feedback, whether its good or constructive criticism. Helps keep pushing you to continue even when writers block hits ?

hoping to release an anthology one day when I have enough good quality work. One poem published on paper is nice, but it's been my dream since a child to have a published anthology. Started writing poems a
t around 7 or 8 years old haha.

I shall try to continue writing well ?

i really appreciate every comment and like. Not too long been properly putting my work out there so it's nice to know people read it and enjoy it

Big Sal

Thu 26th Jul 2018 23:07

Excellent! One of the best poems I've read in a while.?

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