The Everescents Of A Killing Killers Mind

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{The Everescents Of A Killing Killers Mind} 


The sweet temptation

that fills that voided

lingering taste that

alines my lips

leaving me thirsting

and wanting and

needing more

pleasurable killings

that's filling that

extra void that's

slowly filling my

soul like the sounds

of the hellish hell

blood hound's coming

to drag your sorry

carcass through the

hell  gates as this is

your eternal fate 



because your corpse

rots away leaving

it for the bugs and

maggots to eat and

to nibble on 


so~so now no time

to beg for God to

save you because

God doesn't exist

for maggot like you

because God has

been dead for so

long now you will

be forever searching

for that piece of

hope that will grant

you a pardon to

heaven as the

acquittal is still

on that junction 



because they will

not be no leniency

or mercy for you or

your maggot soulless

soul as you always

tried to portray

yourself like you

was a well known

mob boss like

Al Capone/Scarface

but you was never

nothing like

Al Capone because

you have been

beaten, kicked

and stomped and

overthrown of the

kingdoms thrown

as you was merely

trumped out you

little stepping stone

and that's where

you went all

wrong at 


because now you

suffer the pain of

hell as we skull

fuck you with

many nails in

your eye sockets

where the never

ending pain will

always dwell at

for a rat bastard

maggot like you and

you may think we

are weird but we

are the demon dog's

of the under world

where our holy

darkened father

satan welcomes you

into his comfortable

layers of a hellish

hell that will be

covering your body

like a blanket leaving

you begging to

end but it never

ends here because

we all are floaters

down here in this

satanic demonic hell 



and the ever

sweet everescents

of killing you softly

fills that voided

lingering taste that

alines my lips that

I'm not able to get

enough of and oh

yes how sweet

now~now don't

be weeping like

little bo peep my

little lost black





©Tina Glover/One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer July 5,2018 

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