the trap

She stands tall next to me

capturing me with her eyes

she knows I want to flee

waiting for my vision to rise

to give her a sign,

so she can sit

and start talking about her boring life

how I fucked up mine

I'm evading her eyes,

but she keeps telling me

how I should stop that and this

I keep staring at the window

waiting for her to leave

not answering is not enough

pretending she doesn’t exist

makes her disappear for a minute

then she starts reappearing

little by little

until I start seeing her again

oh she’s still here

waiting for an answer

but my mind is not working

it shuts off every time I see her face

maybe if I imagine she’s gone again

she’ll get tired and go then

◄ New eyes

Wondering eyes ►


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keith jeffries

Mon 16th Jul 2018 22:17

I have often experienced what you describe in this poem. Beautifully written.
Thank you

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racha chafik

Mon 16th Jul 2018 22:14

thank you matt

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Matt Tyldesley

Mon 16th Jul 2018 22:13


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