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The Game Changed

Walking down this endless road,

Never knowing which way to go.

Each path seems dark,

each breath

harder than the last,

constantly hiding from the past.


I try to find the strength to move on,

But each time I do, you still want to have

your fun. When will it sink in?

You will never win.

I’m done playing,

You might think you’re staying.

Truth is you’re as temporary

As the tide coming in from the sea.


I am independent now,

More than you would ever allow.

I wish I could turn back time,

If I could you’d never have been mine.

You’re a worthless conniving mess,

I set you up, you failed the test.

You say you’re sorry,

Please stop taking all the glory.

You made your bed, now lie in it,

Cause I no longer care for you one single bit.



I’m over you,

Your lies are nothing new.

You never cared, you have no feelings,

Only lust attached to your bedsprings.


We will never kiss and ‘make-up’,

You really need to learn to face up

To everything you’ve done.

Rather than hiding behind excuses, hun.

I think you’re rather pathetic,

Claiming your life is rather hectic.

What? Sleeping around,

Hitting up anything that makes a sound.


I’ve made a fair few big mistakes,

But truly you are the stupidest one I made.


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HayzTee (Hayley)

Tue 31st Jul 2018 21:43

A poem I wrote, more of a rant I guess, in college.

Safe to say during our younger years,
we often come across people
we feel we owe to keep around,
even when they would rather
just constantly sleep around.

So upon one college afternoon, when They pushed me too far, and i cut the ties, I also wrote a rant. Enjoy my little teenage angst poem about what you believe is love, until you find someone who truly cares and flips your world around in every single good way imaginable ?

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