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How did you discover me?
There came a sound of flying wings for more than a thousand years.
A listener for stirring wings.
Bird soared so high that he almost touched the clouds and no room to fly.

Looked up, saw a large piece of sky and went there; in peace for the rest of the time.
With dew on a sinking star and birds share the dawn,
against my face.

Evening may sit down and windswept spaces.
They come, they go away.
Leaning on the sky, stars shine like a wing.
With the dawn, I awaken...

Bright tin bird.
Earth is collecting space.

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<Deleted User> (13762)

Sun 22nd Jul 2018 09:43

I agree with Big Sal wholeheartedly - and linnets are delightful although not so very common where I live. Thanks for sharing. Col.

Big Sal

Sat 21st Jul 2018 00:09

Visiting your page is like going to the park: there's always birds and beauty to see, and it's a great place to decompress from the moments of a daily grind. I always love reading about birds - but if they are blue, then that's just puttin' it on the Ritz. But all birds are beautiful when written about.?

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