My Truest Love Of Mine

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{My Truest Love Of Mine}

My wonderful
darling love of mine

I did fall deeply,
madly in love with
you so long ago now
but it only seems like
yesterday to me


I love you my truest
love of mine

But we have grown
in our blossoming
relationship love
each other more
with faithful hearts
beating to the rhythmic
beats of our hearts
bounded together
for eternity to never


I love you my truest
love of mine

And you was and still
are my knight in
shining armor that
has saved the day
when you rescued
me from the fatal love
before you and you
are my king and I'm
your queen


I love you my truest
love of mine

And I have loved you
all of my life and I
will always be loving
only you because the
day I took my wedding
vows I meant them and
I will and I do my
darling truest love
of mine

P.S. My darling I love
you so much that I
couldn't imagine
you not being in
my life because
that would kill my
heart but I do
know deep down
in my heart of
hearts that will
never happen
because we are
soul mates and it's
simply our fate from
your love of your life
and your wife...

©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/
One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer July 2,2018 but posting here on July 3,2018

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