She's that fire you add gasoline too just to see her light up your world.  

That lit end of a joint you breathe in every day that used to burn but now gets you high.  

She is that sundown pill you pop at night and take a sip and in the morning she's still in your arms.  

That morning coffee kiss sweet enough to break away the bags under your eyes as her hair tickles your cheek.  

Waking up from a dream but alarms put you to sleep because thank God she is the dream.  

From the oceans to the stars in the sky you can gaze all you want and when she asks "what's wrong" you'll realize you're just staring into those eyes.  

A smile that bends the strings in your heart like nothing else before and even in a summer noon 96° degree sunburn she still gives you goosebumps

Someone that can shatter your life into a thousand tiny little pieces yet you're willing to pick them all up and place them back in her hands because from day one it was all unconditional.  

Trusting more than when you were 8 years old and your mother checked under the bed for the monsters as she tucked you in goodnight.  

She is the one to see through your wall of distrust and "you'll never be enough" and opened up that fact that you've never been touched.  

As if that mass in your rib cage didn't beat a single note yet once her head rests on your chest it races feeling like an anxiety attack but you're still smiling.  

She has the ability to take away nearly every piece of you and toss it into the Pacific Ocean and I hope you're willing to swim.  

Because a fucking girl like this is worth drowning for.

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