I care about fitness enough to sign up for Zumba classes on Mondays

But not enough to attend them regularly.

I care about my looks enough to spend too much on make-up

But not enough to spend time putting it on properly.

I care about my weight enough to hurl messages of hate at the mirror in the morning

But not enough to resist the packet of biscuits late at night.

I care about my children’s upbringing enough to read all the parenting textbooks

But not enough to apply their advice to do things right.

I care about climate change enough to use the park and ride to work

But not enough to move to within walking distance.

I care about success enough to regret accumulating regrets

But not enough to get good at something that would actually make a difference.

I care about the environment enough to eat organic

But not enough to keep the leftovers for lunch to reheat.

I care about injustice enough to write a poem

But not enough to go and protest in the street.

I care about poverty, but not enough to rob a bank

I care about peace, but not enough to lie in front of a tank

In a world drugged on money and media, when will the craziness ever stop?

I care enough to write a poem, but not enough to shout it from the rooftops

I fear so much for my kids’ future, it feels like giving birth was a crime

I care enough to write a poem, but not enough to make the most of our time

Sometimes I drive myself crazy doubting reality even exists

I care enough to write a poem, but not enough to slit my wrists

It seems that words have become so cheap, they lost all meaning long ago

I care enough to write a poem, but not enough to not do so.

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Darren J Beaney

Tue 24th Jul 2018 06:47

That is great! And so true in so many ways - we live in a world of contradictions and it is very hard to avoid and to make it not so.


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racha chafik

Mon 23rd Jul 2018 22:47

i like your poem it feels sad

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