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A Victim’s card

Nothing is parallel or can be paralleled

Even when it is compounded, and expounded inside

It rages loud but gently in rib cages,

Behind hushing skinny fingers

Its beauty is too great, its beauty belongs to us

The formers, the creators of this place

We are the damned, we were the great


Oh the facade, it is all a facade they mimic the art

But can you take the cut, bleed ...

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The Architect

Tight jaw, grinding thoughts of plans
Pulsating, he maps today as overlays of yesterday
And so stubbornly, he assumes his positionality 
As if written by an attentive God, he occupies all the space on the table, selfishly 
Rolled out, he once again opens the paper, rearranges the dots, scans the memory
He figures the plot and he shifts the lines further, draws in his thoughts
Caged in, the b...

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A seasonal romance- Part 3

What is a truthful lie?

I left the caterpillar inside the woven home
Nobody knows that the silk is a soft and enticing little tomb.

We rest in the hope that through death we rise anew
But there is no life. A self-destruction of creation,
A long wait for a non-existent perfection.
As for me, I was not born to fly and to die all the same 
Our metamorphosis was completed when we were c...

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A seasonal romance- Part 2

What is a truthful lie?

Below the jagged edges of a narrow cliff face, 
My feet lifted, touched the air and left the ledge
I decided in a rush 
To let go of myself in the sweet escape of night
I jumped with no wings or fear
The awaiting solicit solid icy glare, 
But the dive was much alive
Head first, the locomotive force thirst
Pulling fast towards the surface that mirrors the gods

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A seasonal romance

The air is spiced and on a bed of poppy’s I slept with delight
Elated, I lay careless sprawled in complete disguise
I am a kind of flower, unafraid and unabashed, 
Delicious, claiming belonging, I had entered a state of sweet oblivion
Submitting in a trance, the history was recalled 
How from the edge of a cliff, my feet touched the open air 
I fell, feet first, faith without a care

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Nectar- the offering (part 2)

My temple lies in the middle of a concreate garden of Asters,

Between the Blazing Stars, Butterfly Milkweeds and Lantana’s 

The word was out when their fruits grew out.

An empty space, they gathered in rumours around the last place

I was seen

What I could have been

They reminiscence

“I hope the birds find the butterfly and peck on its paper wings”

“I hope they kill the beau...

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Nectar- The offering

My temple lies in the middle of a garden of Asters,

Between the Blazing Stars, Butterfly Milkweed and Lantana’s

I can bear seed and make it fruit, and with an aroma that is sweet,

You can find me in a sea of the sprouting beauties,

But I am simple, I follow the sun in mid-February,

Draw yourself closer from my sweet pungency

Delve in me, its mid-February

Find me, I need this u...

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Celestial goddess 

She fell through the ninth cloud and landed on her feet
She fell in love with the sky and lived to tell the tale.
A beautiful naked figure,  dancing around the flame. 
Watch her.

And the flicker has turned into fire, the little spark into a flame. Who knew?
It was all just a game, and she filled the entire universe with her laughter
The gods have been walking beside her, 
The god...

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Crystal mind

Slow walk, soft conversations, persuasive in gesture, my guilty pleasure

Your eyes are damning, my heart is floating and my neck pulsating 

A vicious beating,  what is black and what is white

And yet here I am, skinny and floating in the grey,


The catch was sudden,   my vision was  blurry

You found me starving, the restless yearning

You had my mind fuzzy, you made it  very c...

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I love you the Sky

She said The sea must be a lady

“The sea is me”, she meant

I took her words to be a fact, a factor in own my identity

I am sure that  I am the shore

And at day break, I was still pure

Caramel, sandy and tan before I am kissed

Kissed wildly by the sun that melanises

Ebony to green, the sun that photosynthesises

And from your violent waves, My kinky hair a frizz

Awaken to ...

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