I'm No William Shakespeare

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I'm No William Shakespeare



When the self-drive car was first tested here, the freeway was blocked off. All big-wigs, premier, present. The car went and knocked over a blow-up kangaroo placed on the road.


I can write Comic

And Tragedy

I'm no William Shakespeare

I'm just poet me


When England loses

A game of footy

This is my verse

To great Tragedy


When self-drive car

Knocks over a 'roo

Blow-up, road testing

My verse Comic too


Don Matthews June 2018

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Don Matthews

Sat 14th Jul 2018 14:52

The RSC 'n' me are both friends
I do a fill-in for them when they're lean
They love my g'day mate when put in my soliloquy
An Aussie-type Hamlet they 'aint seen

To be or not to be that is my question
I ask with my interspersed g'days
The audience scream out in encouragement
To be or to be (come what may)

It's you Brian who's started me off
You've exposed my true Bardian skill
I've come here well-trained in this area
Can't think of a last line...what a dill


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Brian Maryon

Sat 14th Jul 2018 13:32

Phew...the RSC won't have to amend the season's schedule at least Don.

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