Southport line IV: 1971 (Easter outing to Southport from Wigan Wallgate Station)

(Note: this is the fourth in a series of personal relections of Wigan's 'Southport' railway line - all are in chronological order. This offering eandeavours to capture the constant rythm of the train along the rail tracks)


down on the platform

waiting for trains

five hundred youngsters

anxious for games


girls in their minis

boys in their flairs

flaunting their fashion

loving the glares


all clad in glad rags

best Sunday best

Jason King coolness

dressed to impress


me feeling special

full of teen beans

green combat jacket

tight ice-blue jeans


first train is ram-jam

full of young dudes

noisy and boisterous

teenager moods


exchange of gestures

all good clean fun

temperatures rising

fun has begun


second train busy

some cram right in

never a problem

next train we’ll win


third train is fruitful

looks plenty room

hoping we’ll get there

well before noon


pushing and shoving

packed like sardines

some on a budget

others with means


more push and pulling

once we’re on board

standing room only

pleasant concord


first thrills beginning

fervent half hour

perfume and cig smoke

so sweet and sour


docking at Southport

noise, diesel haze

breath-taking setting

first thrilling phase


fuel at Woolies

chips egg and peas

set for the fun fair

cool fresh sea breeze


candyfloss pleasures

‘kiss me quick’ hats

all geared up now

‘Wiganese’ brats


dark caterpillar

thrilling bowl slides

fun house and waltzer

fast rousing rides


creeps on the dodgems

clowns on the darts

charming young women

capturing hearts


river cave romance

crooked house fun

gallery shooting

son of a gun


dodging on dodgems

pleasure unfurls

just for attention

ramming the girls


some get connected

Southport romanced

kissing and fooling

day trip enhanced


most are just out for

thrills of the day

sweet toffee apples

teenage horseplay


soon it’s all over

back to the train

thankful for sunshine

no sign of rain


last minute shopping

cheap souvenirs

last minute kisses

pleasure and tears


inside the station

loudspeaker noise

overjoyed lassies

spirited boys


boarding the trains now

pleasurable nod

nothing so packed now

seeming quite odd


ardent reflections

shared and revered

fine satisfaction

crackpots are jeered


slowly the screeching

halts on the track

Southport line station

Wigan… we’re back!

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