Gosh Gee

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Gosh Gee


Please excuse my strangeness

And those who say gosh, gee

I'm trying to make new stuff

Create things differently


My grammar's often questionable

My spelling's all askew

But that's the way I like it

I'm different. And it's new


The Educates they tell me

Why use you not our Grammar?

I Googled it , and found it not

A newish sort of hammer ??


If you like this mixed-up me

My mixed-up poetry

You maybe wanna come on board?

Please do, let's go, gosh gee


Don Matthews June 2018

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Don Matthews

Wed 4th Jul 2018 09:51

I'm pleased to welcome Brian
Into my mixed-up group
He's discovered satisfaction from my
Mixed-up poet soup

Anyone who can
Read backwards and make sense
Of my poetic twaddle
Is not completely dense

Yes Brian you show great promise
I welcome you aboard
My mix-up train to who knows where
Hey lordy lordy lord

D ?

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Brian Maryon

Wed 4th Jul 2018 08:06

I've worked out your stuff Don...it makes sense if you read it backwards.

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Don Matthews

Wed 4th Jul 2018 03:24

Gosh gee Brian, Jon and Anya
Hope you not dumb as me
And also thought a grammar was
A hammer (silly me)

I'm waiting to hear from Keith
And Colin on my dilemma
Am I the only dumbish one
To think it was a hamma?

Now MC is an Educate
To which I do bow down
I feel gosh-gee embarrassed
Grammared outa town

D ?

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