Ascension To Prophecy

visionaries of our ascension ~
anciently holy men
did they mean literal ascension
the grand gravity switch flick-off
so cities forests farms oceans
are swept up and away
snapped from centrifugal moorings
fished to the vast benday-dot canopy
the polka-dot silvery cherry night estate..

did they foresee i wonder
football stadiums shopping malls
in meteor garb flash above 
then disintegrate and trash the moon
glass palaces
to splay on craters upside-down
implode their treasures here and there
crumpling and slicing steel starlings..

will people trees and animals
spin and soar like fireworks
revolve ever upward and away from earth
wrapped in blankets of brilliant black light
will our bodies shred like ribbons
will our souls rip away in the ether
stripped from flesh jackets 
surplus to requirements
eyeless mindless boundless timeless
disembodied streams of strobe-consciousness
no longer believing but knowing
ah so this is what our sages foretold
and this is what they were getting at..

ascension ~
will ocean liners sail away to deepest space 
like lost satellites
will art galleries and beach-front property 
and the entire continent of antarctica 
skinny-dip the sun
alchemise in rebirth-annihilation
liquid gold oblivion and embryo..

and should people and pets 
simply ascend to hit ceilings
only to stir awake light years later
rubbing their eyes
will they open their front door and fall
onto white starlit lawns
and limpid platinum galaxy streets 
spinning up lotus blossom rotor blades
spiritualise your new eden..

some of us might fall off to a planet
burn across its sky as screaming fireballs 
for seers a glimmer by camp fires to gaze
look here ~ a sign ~ prophecy



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Big Sal

Mon 6th Aug 2018 01:55

Will make a great entry.

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suki spangles

Thu 19th Jul 2018 23:34

Dear all,

Thanks so much for taking the time to read.

Partly inspired by the Oroborus idea - the snake that eats itself, and then using that as a jumping off point, an extended metaphor, for time and escape from the endless cycle of life and death. Do we return/ascend to the past? Is prophecy a kind of proto predictive programming, and all that?



Wed 18th Jul 2018 22:06

Hi Suki,

I am glad to have noticed your latest comment, I might have otherwise not seen this gem.

"spiritualise your new eden.."

..followed by that final stanza--good heavens I'm breathless.

Take care, Suki--I always look forward to reading your posts.


<Deleted User> (13762)

Tue 17th Jul 2018 08:57

reminded me of an old PS2 game I used to play:

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Mon 16th Jul 2018 16:00

I like the idea of Ascension as being a state of mind or spirit, but you have made it corporeal, which overlays the surreal, and becomes something entirely different, a floaty imaginative scary exodus from safety. Great writing and once on board, what can we do but hope for redemption from the whirligig. Deeply ironical as ever. I hope one day someone will transcribe your poems onto canvas - I would want them all.


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