It's been broken so many times

I began to lose pieces that I thought were all mine

I'm in so deep and the void is so empty

So lost for words, but I don't want sympathy


Holding this heart with my bare hands

Please just take it...I don't understand

Time brought these wounds, yet they're not healed

Permanent scars have left them sealed


I'm scared of being alone and scared of the pain

How is it that heart break can make you feel so insane

I'm like a flower who's petals have died

I feel nothing but emptiness haunting inside


One day I hope I can smile again

But I don't think that I could ever be your friend

This heart is broken, it aches just for you

But oh well I say...there's nothing more I can do

brokenemptyheartbreakin lovelostpoetrysadthis is my outlet

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Mayah ROSE

Sun 29th Jul 2018 00:17

Beautifully written deeply expressive ?

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