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If you do not like the NEW poets
and would like to change to
the OLD poets
and I will arrive shortly
as I am indeed an old poet
with a bunch of old poems
however know this
that once you switch
there is no return
you do not have an option
you can never go back
the old poet may be snarky
and cranky and
half mad
but an old poet
is classic font
he reads well
and has that familiar look
when things were simpler
and a click
was just a light switch.


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M.C. Newberry

Tue 10th Jul 2018 23:03

Amusingly provocative - with some uneasy truth along the
I have a newspaper cutting from some years ago about a
poet and critic who loathed what he referred to as "concrete
poetry", lamenting the decline of rhyme, with its basics of
inspiration, discipline and vocabulary. He might have
nodded in agreement with your (I suspect somewhat
mischievous) sentiments.
Old poets are like old wine - to be savoured in modest
but appreciated amounts.

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