Make sure you don't have it

If you can check for nasties 
To make sure you don't have it
Then why  would you say no,
You're silly, opening the door
Saying "hello, come through,"
Or " I'm not scared of you"

The needle might be scary 
Or perhaps you're rather weary,
that the procedure they require
Is not one that you desire 
It won't be as bad as you fear
When it's over, have a cold beer

A stool sample might be stinky
You may be shy to show your winkie
You might feel rather embarrassed 
About the doctor seeing you bare-assed 
But if it stopped you getting the big "C"
Or some other infection or disease
Would  you not consider getting past it
To make sure that you don't have it?


diseasedon't be afraid to send your stoolget checkedinfectionmake sure you sonr have itnastiesPrevention is better than a curerhymeslightly comedic?

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HayzTee (Hayley)

Fri 27th Jul 2018 16:54

Thank you?

Big Sal

Fri 27th Jul 2018 16:45

Wise words indeed Hayley. . .?

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HayzTee (Hayley)

Thu 26th Jul 2018 21:10

as someone who's life has been saved and who would have eventually ended up with cancer if it wasn't for tests at a younger age, I would advise everyone to take the routine checks. The cancer I would have had only typically affects people who are 50's+, so I would have never have known or noticed until too late if it wasn't for those as you would mistake symptoms for something else.

now They have found the gene between me and my mum it has also saved my brother from further tests because we found he didnt have it. Having tests, even if it does reveal something, isnt the end of the world and i wanted to express that. It hasn't only saved me from a horrible future, but has given my brother piece of mind to and has genetically helped the future generations in knowing from day 1 if they have the gene or not.

People don't realise how crucial these checks are. Even if you dont have anything, thats a bonus. Better being safe than being sorry In my opinion. Hope all goes well Brian and hope It's clear. glad you get them done, besides once its done you're free of them till the next a year or few years down the line ?

my generation is all anti vaccine and anti this, anti that. "fearless" thinking nothing can strike us down. But that is very much not true, and blind stupidity when you think about it properly. I just hope this pushes a few people to realise that tests aren't pleasant but its better to go through with it than not.

<Deleted User> (18980)

Tue 24th Jul 2018 09:15

Hayley - this piece will surely resonate with people of my generation who have come up on the radar of the health authorities and are constantly being invited in to have tests for this, that and the other. In fact I'm off to the doctors tomorrow afternoon for something...can't remember what, I just go.

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