Without A Full Stop

I remember when you leaned forward, away from me
As if i was a scarlet letter you wish you never bumped into
Back and forth busy re-evaluating all offerings on the table
I bet my name never made it to the highest scores list you've made
Cause you needed to create a whole new category for someone like me

Those strange happenstances and confused look in your eyes
Tell me, are you a little scared of the way the universe works?
Back and forth trying to prove we are never in control

I bet sometimes you wondered if your understanding was accurate
Cause this chaos could probably be a sabotage with an aim

Long elaborated apology was formed in our minds
How little to no meaning it was when it chose to stay there
Back and forth trying to solve the puzzle of our own desires
I bet you've been distracting yourself to shake away the emotions
Cause you are too scared of how real they can be 

Now that we're at the eleventh hour, trying to beat the clock
Pretending it's a race but we both are the losing contenders
Back and forth busy counting each other's points laps after laps
I bet sometimes you looked out at your window searching for my footprints
Cause you think i could have stood by your door at any time

If somehow in this storyline we happened to decide to start over
Writing down each of the paragraph together without egostistical intervention
Naked and truthful about our angels and demons
I bet sometimes you would wonder how it felt like 
to finally be truly free right when we humbled ourselves


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Big Sal

Mon 23rd Jul 2018 15:05

I quite enjoy the format of this piece, as to me it makes an easier, well-flowing read capable of digesting it all line-by-line instead of by stanza. Well done on this.?

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