A good girl

A good girl, a nice girl, a perfect girl,
One who is the best,
scores the highest grade,
best in sports,
not just good, 
but the best in everything, 
she is smart, 
but not outspoken, 
she lightens up everyone, 
and never gossips, 
stays away from bad influence,
and always busy serving others. 

No matter how late she slept
but wakes up early with perfect hair and gorgeous face. 
She does no makeup yet looks presentable always.
She dresses up modestly, 
hiding her feminine curves perfectly, 
still looking perfect and feminine. 
She is slim with perfect figure, 
no dark circles or pimples or wrinkles even after a tiring day. 
She doesn't spend a lot on herself
yet well dressed. 

She is intelligent
 but chose not to debate. 
She is dolce and fragile, 
who works laboriously 24×7,
balancing perfectly her family, work, 
supporting dreams of her family, in laws, might be her dreams as well, 
saying no to rest. 
She doesn't talk loudly but whispers and maintains decorum. 
She is sweet and always sweet, 
no matter how much hurt she is. 
She has control over her opinion,
which  refers to soft temper,
because she is a good girl a nice girl a perfect girl. 

She doesn't have any bad habits, 
she follows all the social norms, 
she is so qualified yet so homely, 
She worships the Goddess, 
who stood up against evil, standing up for their opinion.
She doesn't argue or raise her voice, 
and tolerates taunting with smile. 

She is pure like extra virgin olive oil,  Desires are sin for her, 
She falls in love only after marriage, 
and if she had loved some jerk, 
she is only responsible for maintaining happy relationships, 
She is not demanding, 
she never breaks the trust, 
she is fine if you forget to give her respect or time, 
because being understanding is her main feature, 
she will forgive you every time. 
her face never gets tired by smiling, 
She is so perfect and ideal. 
She never gets back ache, 
by carrying the heavy sack of perfection and expectations. 

Chemistry taught her about chemicals and elements reactions, where perfect condition is hypothetical, 
and ideal condition is situational, 
even for elements which reacts with other elements as per the pressure , temperature and conditions. 
But still she is a perfect and ideal,
even though she is a human being, 
or might be a mythical creature, 
maintaining standards for every girl to be like her, carbon copies.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.



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Kanchan Moni

Mon 23rd Jul 2018 09:42

Beautiful ??

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Hannah Collins

Sun 22nd Jul 2018 21:49

Excellent. She is perfect. It is scary to think this is still expected.
Good to read you.


Big Sal

Sun 22nd Jul 2018 20:23

Some people complain that sarcasm is 'beneath them' or only 'when you can't communicate in other words', but I personally think it's the best vehicle for delivering a concise point to someone - especially if they're pretending not to listen to the message being conveyed. I like the candor of your piece and how it showcases unrealistic standards in a realistic light for others to see.?

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Ankita Srivastava

Sun 22nd Jul 2018 20:19

This piece is a sarcasm over the expectations and social standards imposed over girl just to get the reward of good girl. It is suffocating to know these standards still exist.

Live and let others live.
Happy Reading,

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