A Marriage of Ghosts

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A Marriage Of Ghosts


Something old; crumbling bones.

Something new; innocent youth.

Something borrowed; parental beliefs.

A bride forever blue.


Flesh bound to ash and bone.

A knot ties the living and dead.

Union of child and corpse, rotting.

Protection from cursed health and poverty.


Escaping abandonment, in a death shed,

destined by ancestral expectations.

Welcoming a future of worn hands,

tending a dead man’s grave.


Disbelief shines in your Western eyes

yet, your ancestry is scattered wide,

with neglect, devoid of pride.


I know no bonds.

She knows no freedom,

no comfort, no love,

no sharing, no caring,

no sparring partner, no soul mate,

no plans made together,

no lover,

no children,

no laughter.

May your marriage rest in peace,

forever after.


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Nicola Hulme

Sat 21st Jul 2018 09:29

If it does, I’m safe 😱

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Nigel Astell

Fri 20th Jul 2018 16:08

Divorce can never be - - - so does that stop another ghost marriage?

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