The unspoken rules of tidiness

We love to have a tidy house
But we really don't like to clean it
If only someone would tidy up
I would have some place to sit
Days pass and nothing changes
Till you feel that nauseous pit
Then you realise the rooms a mess
And it makes you want to quit
As you start to clear up all of it
You think to yourself, "oh shit,"
"How did I ever live like this?"
It's really quite a tip
Time flies by, as you work all day
Finally finished, you sit
And vow that the house will remain as it is
But who are we kidding?
I'm a massive tit,
I Have good intentions,
but never do my bit

If only someone would tidy up

I would have a place to sit

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HayzTee (Hayley)

Thu 26th Jul 2018 22:25

Haha mine's the same ?

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Don Matthews

Wed 25th Jul 2018 05:20

I relate to this completely Hayley. My House keeps saying "get off that bloody computer don and dust me" to which I reply "inna minute House, gotta talk to my WOL friends". to which it replies "shit! don, you wanna live inna mess?" to which I reply "no, but..."

Ribbit...ribbit... froggie talk for "get off your bum don and get into house-cleaning mode... "inna minute"

woof woof ?

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