Where Are All the Froggies?

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Where Are All the Froggies?


Where are all the froggies

Hopping round the site?

Smiling at our faces

Making us feel bright


To me there's too much seriousness

Circulating round

Making me feel dullish

A dullish shade of brown


Now look at happy froggie

All bright and shiny green

Just looking at him sitting

Gives me a happy lean


Take Brian, my friend, for instance

He's got a happy lean

He gulps a lot like froggie

And very froggie-keen


So all you writers, poets

Get on your froggie carts

Bring some unserious frogginess

And brighten up our hearts


Don Matthews June 2018

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Tue 3rd Jul 2018 09:19

No worries B... x

Go for it Don, speak your mind x

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Don Matthews

Tue 3rd Jul 2018 04:49

Brian, Anya Jon
I'm 'bout to add a taddish
Risky one but what the hell
I'm feeling sort of maddish

It's 'bout some things I see here
That make me angry be
But do not worry you're my friends
They don't relate to thee


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Brian Maryon

Mon 2nd Jul 2018 17:28

You've spawned a good one Don. Even Anya liked it and she's a tad Polish.

(Anya...it's a pun...I'm not being disrepectful.)

(Got to be so careful these days.)

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Mon 2nd Jul 2018 09:26

Hi Don!

Good morning!
You do have a point here. Would be nice to see more happiness around...

Sorry, I just posted another serious and heartbreaking poem. Just had to. I will follow your advice from tomorrow.


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Jon Stainsby

Mon 2nd Jul 2018 09:13

Always a pleasure reading your work, Don.

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Don Matthews

Mon 2nd Jul 2018 08:54

Hey Jon. I knew you'd eventually hear them ribbiting along the wire. Seems I have another avid follower.

Where are you Brian? Cycled into the canal? ribbit ribbit

Anya? Are you out there? ribbit ribbit

Ribbit ribbit everywhere
Not a pond to plonk
Ribbit ribbit everywhere
No place left to bonk

(apologies to Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

Don 😎

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Jon Stainsby

Mon 2nd Jul 2018 08:35


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