Illithid// The Mind of Martyr

Damaged my mental haze
Could you forgive me for the sins
I could never forgive myself

I won't bend knee to anyone
The ashy rain has our children crying
Freedom has a price It isn't so free

Worship to any God that you feel like
But death will still take you away
We build monuments to our wars

It's like our true nature is violent
So pull a gun out on your neighbor
An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth right

It's like we're all forgot what love was
The slap me on the cheek
I'll give you a kiss instead

We build Cathedrals to our beliefs
Just to forget the writing in the books
Hell isn't in the afterlife it's right now

Everyday we dig our grave
When hands of bear in there gushing blood
So drown yourself in empathy

Then shoot your neighbor because it doesn't matter
Watch the maggots eat their flesh
All is fair in love and war 

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