Satan's Child

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{Satan’s Child}



He was born

into the world

of darkness

with the

markings of

his father’s


in three numbers

of six~six~six

hidden beneath

the darkened

fleshy flesh on

his corrupted

body this he

had to bear upon

this world causing

chaos and ruckus

throughout this

evil land of his

father’s Satan




©Tina Glover/One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer 12/8/2017 but posting here on July 5,2018 


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Sun 8th Jul 2018 17:29

Don, you’re remark after PS makes no sense. I note the comment you made on Ode to depression has now been deleted, there is software available on the net to view websites historically, you should familiarise yourself with it. You chose not to address the question regarding your affliction of manic depression, which is unusual considering it is something with which I would have thought you would be unfortunately familiar. Writing "poetry" within which you include the names of other members and asking them questions is a sure fire way to illicit a response, it doesn’t really speak of much else. Would be interesting to witness you respond to a legitimate question. Too much negative gloom and doom? well that would be a matter of opinion. There seems to be far too much intolerance of other people's right to write whatever they want, but that also is opinion, but unlike yours I think it is considered. Tell you what you carry on listing peoples names in your writing in order to receive ensured comments and likes, and permit those other poor tortured souls to write what they like, room for all...even in your world, or maybe not? As for a remark like "this has no place on the site" thank goodness you have no real legitimate power, or maybe you do, I mean who knows? It's all amusing though, in a terrible fashion.

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Fri 6th Jul 2018 16:09

Hi Tina. When reading this I was reminded of one of those deep soundtrack trailer voices for a movie. It has validity within that sort of imaginary framework.

Do not be swayed by those not wishing to face their darker side etc etc. ….


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Graham Sherwood

Fri 6th Jul 2018 13:38

Don, everyone to their own. remember you can choose what to read and you can also cloak those poets' work you don't care for. Similarly poets aren't duty bound to respond to questions asked.

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Don Matthews

Fri 6th Jul 2018 13:27

Joyti - while you can indeed write anything you want my point is there is too much negative gloom and doom on the site which pulls everyone down. For example, the poem with a sharp knife slicing throats and blood pouring out, urinating on face, getting off with murder. is dark and sinister. This to me has no place on the site. If you look at the poetry I'm posting you will see it is of a positive, light-hearted nature, far from dark and negative.


PS My question of curiosity (not criticism) was directed to Tina and the Ode to Depression author both of which I have not heard from


Fri 6th Jul 2018 11:56

Don I am curious why a man who is afflicted with bipolar (manic depression) persistently asks this possibly cruel question when people can chose to write on whatever subject they like, just as you can chose what you read and don’t read. Earlier you asked a similar question in respect of the poem Ode to depression, this fascinated me even more, that a person suffering bipolar might ask such a question knowing how unhelpful it might be to a person with depression. It seems a little cruel to me, maybe that’s the answer.

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Don Matthews

Fri 6th Jul 2018 10:19

Tina-- I'm curious why you are dwelling on the dark side rather than the brighter side of life. Not criticising just wondering why?

Don ?

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