Let Him Rid Your Bumps.....Ribbit

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Let Him Rid Your Bumps....ribbit


I've gotta little message

I'd like you all to see

To get you out of doldrums

To help you happy be


I'm feelin' kinda miserable

I think it's 'down in dumps'

I don't like being like this

It's causing me some bumps


My gramma's not impeccable

But how important's that?

All I wanna do is

Get back my happy hat


Hello? Froggies come online

He's smiling back at me

Dispelled my dumps got rid of bumps

And set my laughter free


Amazing what a froggie does

When you're down in dumps

Hop him on your screen, and smile

Let him rid your bumps




Don Matthews July 2018





Next trip will be to see our two great illiterates, sorry, alliterates, giants of our website, do battle in the 'Great Alliteration Contest'. Who will be the victor? Don M. in the red corner, Brian M in the blue. It promises to be a cracking battle the likes of which WOL has ever seen.


(Graham's invited so long as he's nice and reports the true story. Now there's an idea. We can appoint Graham as official FUN BUS reporter. No fake news.  HQ won't like it) Queue up for seats folks It's already a mile long. Tina's trying to keep everyone in order, poor girl. Don't miss out





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