We wish you a British Summer

You see the chavs unveiling torsos
Which fashion hair that always grows
The shorts his distant cousin wears
Showing us sights that only scare
The ice cream man appears once more
Serving melting ice cream through his door
You hear the neighbours having a Barbie
An hour or two later they sound rather barmy
The neighbourhood drunk stumbles as usual
And vain young girls become rather delusional
Tenants empty pockets for the sake of a pool
Only for the sun to hide, making them a fool
The cyclists venture upon their yearly migration
Whilst winter folk try to gain some needed motivation
This humid hot air is rather not necessary
It makes me many things, though definitely not merry

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Hayley Taylor

Fri 27th Jul 2018 11:33

It is 30 degrees , or was yesterday. Too humid and no breeze haha. And which words might be typos? Sorry just woken up so brain is not working haha. Also I typed this poem on my phone, and my dyslexia often leaves me unable to see them until obviously pointed out .

A chav is a youth who wears a tracksuit, usually has the mouth of a sailor, and often listens to rap or some gangster music. Pretty much the opposite to a goth haha

Big Sal

Fri 27th Jul 2018 02:38

The imagery is immaculate and inescapable.🙌

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Don Matthews

Fri 27th Jul 2018 00:45

Hi Hayley

I hear it's a bit warm over there? Couple of typos - unveiling. ain should be aim?.. for my own uneducated southern self what's a chav?

Don 😎

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