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Graham Sherwood on Beneath (Sat, 4 Mar 2017 09:56 am)

she runs

God spoke to me on a ledge today

Telling me to not slide away

God warmed my body

From all the fears inside

God told me love does not hide


She came to me in a rush today

Only to show her twenty six years

give it all away

She moved past us all

And gave no thought into the night

or the day to come


These days and fields you’ll never see again

Ill be there...

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There is no legacy too great to die

Given only fear to live on

With all these things you leave me

In my time

Like the sun

Vital but cannot look

Too long to burn

We have lost our turn

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We search, manipulating ourselves through heart and chance to never find when its over. Faster through these years and farther from the layers that have made me. Wrapping me in that stupidity and decadence, where I’ve come to find nothing inside of myself but second chances. Thousands and thousands of second chances.

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