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Wishing for me

As many of you know I was left permanently disabled by a Stroke in November last year.  It has left me facing early ill health retirement.  It has affected my ability to write, speak and move and I am adapting to a life of assistance. It’s been the biggest challenge ever.  I tried prayer, faith and hope and despite improvement I still long for the life I had before. 


I wrote this whimsical poem to summarise the futility of prayer and wishing. 


Wishing for Me

Whether it’s fingers crossed and eyes closed, 
Cracking open Wish bones,
A golden lamp for you to buff,
Birthday candles with a puff 
Wishing wells with magic frogs,
Leprechauns and unicorns. 

No magic sparkle,
No fairy godmother,
No genie or magic lamp.
No Father Christmas, 
No Easter Bunny,
I know it’s not even funny. 

Close my eyes and wish...

It’s still the same. 
I can’t change this. 
It’s not a game.
It’s where I am. 

Wishing doesn’t help.
Miracles are long gone. 
Praying to a useless God,
As for hope, there’s none. 

So all I do is wish.
Listen up Genie my friend, 
Find me out some magic beans,
Make everything better than it seems. 
Grant my wish,
it’s not that much.
Take me back to before. 





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<Deleted User> (13762)

Sat 21st Jul 2018 09:22

I'm wishing for you Louise and think about you often. C?L x

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 20th Jul 2018 17:49

Sudden life-changing effects in life must be the most
challenging to face, even more so when things look set
for the future. My brother suffered a stroke in his early 50s
- thankfully, one that he has been able to recover from in
most respects, except for short-term memory loss; and I
know the wife in a small popular hotel who lost both
parents in the same year and suffered a stroke not long
afterwards, arguably as a result. She is now on long term
remedial treatment, taking each day as it comes.
I guess that it is presumptious to offer any "advice", but
instead, some words of encouragement. Nature always
demonstrates that adaptability is the way forward...
combined with a degree (not necessarily total by any means) of acceptance and adjustment. Health is a very
relative concept and has to be addressed and
accommodated accordingly...often far easier said than
done, I know.
By your appearance on this site, you probably help others
- so do keep that in mind as you confront your own
unsought situation. None of us can know what life can
Onwards and upwards!

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Tue 17th Jul 2018 22:32

The breath of experience should be seen in every poem even if it is one's pattern of their journey. Here you have bravely stepped up to give your sense of how life has to be faced whatever your hopes may be Louise. By sharing this we should all take stock, and at the very least wish you the very best, with or without these props you list.
Please come back to us again when you get some light back.

Ray x

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