It was hot

She was hot

She was bored

Not just with this day

But with everyday

He was Dave filling up the car with petrol

Everything for him was planned

Well thought out and considered

She was Amy bright blonde brown eyed pretty

Hot sticky and bored

He was reliable predictable

Regular as clockwork

But hadn’t noticed the clock that was ticking

She wanted something more

But she knew not what

She wasn’t Chloe her twin

Miss hour in the shower

All makeup

Made up bubbles giggles and frills


The smile she gave to Dave as he got back in the car

Didn’t register

It did not say to him

I’m bored I’ve had enough

I’m not ready for kitchen sink, rubber gloves

Sex on Friday after the pub

I want making love

I want to be whisked away

To some unknown destination

To something different from my life


Not you careless and hairless at 45

A widening belly, nights stuck in front of the telly

And resentment of somebody else’s success

Not two nights at the gym

And news of the half time score

And do you want another gin

I want to be surprised by something you said

That swept me off my feet

I don’t want your dad and my mum


But she didn’t say any of these things

Because the smile should simply have been enough

To imply all of the above

So, the car drove off

And he hadn’t noticed that she was still standing

Because there is no rewind button

On life

She had been bored

She had enough

◄ Bucket spades and ice cream days

Divided by derision ►


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Martin Elder

Wed 8th Aug 2018 17:46

Thanks John for reading and commenting. I have to say I do like a little bit of reliability in my life, but my wife doesn't , although I think we balance each other out without resulting to being boring and I think as I get older I am loosing up. But I know what you mean about the extremes of having your whole life mapped out.
Thanks for reading and commenting

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john short

Wed 8th Aug 2018 02:26

Martin, this is my favourite one of yours. The horror of people who have it all planned out. Especially liked the line "miss hour in the shower" and "there is no rewind on life" And yes, reliability is so boring.

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Martin Elder

Mon 23rd Jul 2018 23:51

Thanks to Keith, Desmond and Louise for liking and to Racha, Brian, Anya, Stu, Jane, Rachel, Tommy, Ray, Colin, Rose and Darren for commenting

Glad you liked it Racha

I don't have any experience with sisters Brian so I will have too take your word for it mate

Anya I guess many relationships can be stifling. I am just glad mine isn't

Ray I hadn't thought of it being like a madness track, but you could be right as they have written some songs that are a microcosm of society

Rose I really can't imagine you with anybody like that even after a night of alcoholic beverages

Col I always deliberate about choosing names for characters but unless Amy has a twin in may not be the same one

Stu, Tommy, Rachel, Jane and Darren thank you so much for your encouraging comments



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Darren J Beaney

Mon 23rd Jul 2018 17:45

Great Work Martin -


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Rose Casserley

Mon 23rd Jul 2018 16:43

"careless and hairless" ?!! love it! type of guy I would end up with depending on my alcoholic intake on the night.


Rose ?

<Deleted User> (13762)

Mon 23rd Jul 2018 09:18

I was talking with an Amy last night on one of those live internet chat things - no that sort, it was with my bank, and no not the sperm bank either! Probably a different Amy I'm sure. A real belter of a poem this one Martin and a fine piece of story telling. Can't decide though if the last line would read better if written 'She'd had enough'. Col.

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Sun 22nd Jul 2018 22:08

An air of impending doom Martin - the usual interplay of
frustrations leading to the splits. A convincing offering - almost like a Madness track perhaps!.


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Tommy Carroll

Sun 22nd Jul 2018 18:20

Ta tick Tom ;- )


Sun 22nd Jul 2018 18:11

It really is a great piece of writing, Martin.

<Deleted User> (19836)

Sun 22nd Jul 2018 17:30

A great take on a couple stuck in a rut. Bravo!

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Stu Buck

Sun 22nd Jul 2018 16:53

i think this is the best thing you have ever written martin
an utterly brilliant piece of writing.

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Brian Maryon

Sun 22nd Jul 2018 15:56

Sisters eh?

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racha chafik

Sun 22nd Jul 2018 15:53

This is amazingly described it's as if you are talking about a real person

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