Some folks are fans of Taylor Swift

Kylie or Beyonce,

but I for one am not impressed,

their singing leaves me quite depressed.

That modern bunch I must admit

just seems a little poncy.


When it comes to songs and singing 'em

Vera Lynn is the girl for me,

i'm just now going on eighty three;

my memory serves me right you see.


My favourite album of hers I cherish


a Christmas present from someone dear,

who shared my passion without favour or fear. 


Vera won the hearts of our boys,

we never should forget it. 

We've sold out now to foreigners

and I for one regret it. 


Our Vera, so staunch and patriotic,

carrying the flag in stunning shorts. 

Clean as a whistle, openly married

unlike some painted trollops.....


Just now i've lowered the needle down,

my brow is clear, it has no frown. 

The cover stares back with its winning smile -

she always went the extra mile.


"There'll be bluebirds over the White Cliffs of Dover."

Simple but honourable, effective I feel. 

I'm lifting it now for the final track

see if you can guess just what that is! *


I think as you hear her final strain

you'll want to keep hearing it again and again. 

Those other lasses can jump right over

the wonderful English Cliffs of Dover. 


* " We'll Meet Again."


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Tue 3rd Jul 2018 21:59

Many thanks for coming with me down memory lane Keith. I'm a pianist and have played with tribute Glenn Miller bands. I could go on and on about it, but your comment is much appreciated! To be honest there was an element of sardonic humour in that, but my audio would have revealed it. Something went wrong with that , not sure what yet.

Thank you too for your support, Anya!

Ray .

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keith jeffries

Tue 3rd Jul 2018 00:27

A poem rich in nostagia and written with a gentle degree of honesty. I was weaned on Run Rabbit run Rabbit run run run; a Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square and to the sound of Glenn Miller´s Orchestra. These remain with me to this day. They had a patriotic flavour which is certainly not in vogue these days.
Thank you for this

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