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April 2021 Collage Poem: From the Shadows

If you don't know you won't know
and if you don't know that, then what do you know apart from that
according to you I am not me

An eightball car without wheels but with music
In the shadows of the city, the philosopher killed his bride
I knew the bride before she got wed he shrieked
and she smashed the DJ over the head with a bottle of 16th century single malt whiskey
Mr Motorist in red a...

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Aprilcollage poemfrom the shadowsStockport Write Out Loud



Our uncle Fred

wears a wig on

his head - he

mostly looks

droopy as if he's

half dead - but if

he sees a lass of a

certain dimension

to be sure Uncle

Fred, will be stood

to attention, and in

the media once, he

quite got a mention

before the old sod was

confined in detention


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Also by Philipos:


A Robin tapping on the window

Soaring clouds cloak rising sun, vigorous brightness, morning whiteness
Lightness, creeping upon those weeping sightless, dark blindness lifting in slightness
Rightness becomes a non factor, heart like a melted down reactor spitting smoke
Go for broke, break it all, the inevitable fall comes swiftly, will twist thee into submission 
Nature's battle of attrition, cruelty ingrained into life lik...

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Death of a parentdespairlosssadness



Wait with me for death

until it arrives, then weep

and make sure I'm missed.


Victorian Smut

Show me those ankles!

Yes! Now, touch that clavical...

baby, work that hair. 



Don't take this from me.

I've put so much into it:

it's my purpose. 




Hold my hands tightly,

certain of where they have been,

or just let them...

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Also by Ferris Ty Taylor:

Protect | Be Reasonable | Teachers | Psychosis |

There is No Path

As from my window, through the woven trees I look

Across the listless lawn and softly crumbling wall

A restless breeze explores among the fallen leaves

Then sweeps their parchment relics from the path.


There is no path that I will walk this joyless day

Stripped down to naked sorrow, pared to pure despair.

The mocking breeze will stir the fallen leaves for me

While spectre...

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Look over your shoulder...

Did someone overhear...

Is someone reading my email...

What if she finds out...

What if he knows that was me...

Are my calls monitored...

Is my password secured...

Did someone see us...

Will she make a fuss...

What if he tells our secrets...

Did he see through our stories...

She seems to suspect something...

He’s behaving differently.....

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Also by Scattered Sun:

Why |

The zombies of New Generation!


The zombies of New Generation

They say they are from 21st Century

They are from very new generation

They called themselves GenZ


Have you ever confronted zombies in real life?

It’s so hard to find them in real life

They can be seen in reel life

They are just antonym of human


If they are alive?

They are alive only in the digitalized world.

Their mornings ...

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Also by Bindu Trigunayak:

Life is an unplanned journey! |

The first man in space


In that one orbit of the Earth,

He must have understood far more

That any human mind alive.

Think about it. Not just the view,

But actually being there:

Above the trifles, the low plod

Of puffed-up order, the slow deaths

In crowds pressed against shop windows.

Above the bile, the pious chat,

The mush of mediocrity.

Above the relevance of air.


Seeing all t...

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Also by Stephen Gospage:

Mainstream | Cynics | Unmade |

Wife and poetry

Wife and poetry

Monday,12th April 2021


Wife and poetry

both are loved dearly

I can't move a step without

or dare to talk about


wife is my inspiration

a bond with cemented relation

we both care about other humans

and try to make life heaven


love is our forte and wish

we finish

by saying and praying

for their well being


poetry is my passi...

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Also by Jadia4708au:

Face real love | Old age romance | Beauty and praises | Destroyer-nature | Make earth green | Take precaution | Poets-quite human | Love-lacks no words | Change behavior | School | Pattern changes-nature | Follow guidelines | Follow guideliens | Soul's bridge | Life-one time chance | Life-stiff challenge | My guide-lover | Best age | Show an affection-for woman | Anger-Frustration | Proper woman | Different lines- human beings | Eyes turn wet | Flowers-Symbol of beauty | Ending life-cowardice | Listen to heart | Bad dream | The soul in a body | Live with resolution | Memory-welcome | Working for peace | Dear shadow | Season's part | Real refuge |


Letter to Yuri

Letter to Yuri
(Listening to the world’s first manned spaceflight on a crystal radio set. 12th April 1961.)

From the wire in the garden
Your news came to came to me via the B.B.C. -
The Home Service they had called it -
But not for you
As you travelled further away from us than
          anyone had ever done -

Spinning in your little egg
          in the monstrous foot-pads of Laika t...

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1st manned spaceflight60 years agoYuri Gagarin

Cleaning Day


When a woman gets to cleaning

don't get in her way


She'll suck you up the vacuum

dust you down if you dare to stay


She'll throw you in the washer

rinse your dirtiness away


So flee the premises while you can

till the end of Cleaning Day.







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Also by d.knape:

Ziploc | Second Fiddle | PROGRESS | Author Ritis | Signs Of Life | What Gives | Character Flaws | The Kitchen Table | HIDES---a poem by O.L. Buzzerd | If's, Ands, or Buts |

White sheet of paper

I pour coffee
on breathable paper
white sheet like a loom
I weave destinies on him
white leaf like a cobweb
from verses perfectly arranged
white sheet like a white flag
decorated with snow whiteness
I pour anger on breathing paper
a plain white sheet of paper.

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Also by Sanja Atanasovska:

Bad combination | Stay alone |


As I trip on my words, 

And stumble on my thoughts. 

I experience tingling sensations, 

Loss of balance and lack of coordination. 


It started when my immune system ruptured out of control, 

Which could have been linked to deficiency of cholecalciferol. 


It attacked my myelin sheath resulting multiple lesions,

Which lead to life-long treatment as there is yet to be a ...

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Autoimmune diseaseChronic IllnessMultiple Sclerosis

The secret of a happy marriage

Jane and John have been married for thirty years,

Their  secret for a  happy marriage they reveal without any fears.

Twice a week they go out to eat,

Friends and family they both meet.

Jane goes out with them  on a Monday,

John goes out with them on a  Friday.

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Also by hugh:

An outpouring of grief for Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh 1921-2021 | A mum accused of being a vampire | A dangerous cycle thwarted | A much loved 85 year old grandma mauled by two dogs on Good Friday has sadly died | Rubbish !! | She was on a 4 week cycle | A cover up | False teeth | Crime Update |


Moving staircases and Horses carved and painted 

Musical delight 


Upward spirals Hypnotic and charming 

Elegant golden floral most calming 


Round and round up and down

Carousel or merry go round ?

A circular parade 

Of which very few are afraid 


You always get one crying though 

Saying "stop its too fast".. but its really slow


Simple sweet giant mu...

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Also by Sarah Louise mcnee:


carouselFairgroundmerry go round

Lockdown Restrictions Are Lifting

Lockdown restrictions are lifting

Pubs and cafes only outdoors

Theme parks, shops, gyms and hairdressers 

Allowed to welcome us all once more


Today is the 12th of April

Snow is falling across the land

In true British style and fashion

We will brave the weather, beer in hand 

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Also by julie callaghan:

Prince Philip RIP | Forming An Orderly Queue | All Four Seasons | Solar Powered | Easter Photograph | Please Take It Home | Easter Saturday | The Arctic Circle | Candy Coloured Morning Sky | Serene Scene | Early Morning | View From A Wooden Bench | Daffodils |

There Are No Longer Words

There are no longer words.
I have grown ancient listening.
I have grown a maze of wrinkles,
If my eyes seem dull,
Remember they have forgotten you,
Forgotten life,
Seeking memories.

I sit, and watch the hunting.
Come and join me,

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Also by Aviva Rifka Bhandari:

The Show Must Go On | Night And Day Blues | Show Me | A Cheerful Poem | Peanut Brittle | All At Sea | A Piece Of Him | Stuck On You | Reckless Abandon | Freefalling |

love's tempestunrequited love

Always by Her Side

Leadership immense responsibility

sharing royal understanding

loving Husband supports

waking up knowing

no longer there

heartbroken sombre monarch

Wife and Queen

Prince of Princes

side by side

sealed with love

a nation mourns.



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Also by Nigel Astell:

A Hair's Breath on a Sure Bet |

Duke of Edinburgh R.I.P



the problem

the solution 

the unconditional 

the painful 

the motivation

the disintegration 

the tomorrow 

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Also by Cody Roach:

Regrets | Reflection | North & south | Wind | Blind death |

Casting shadows


 Ghosts see into the pulse of her heart 
 seep into the stopped wraiths who chatter, mix, meld
 into the invisible air
 only odd numbers now
 leave me a moment
 to linger in the chair
 talking to a lady no longer there
 odd that even two is only ever 1 + 1
 associations carry on until the wood
 rots and there are no trees and no ice
 and no air and nobody here or there
 only th...

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Also by John E Marks:

Ghost writing | Tankaesque | A California Spectral | As if you had a choice | NON SERVIAM | Moses of Khorene | Outfoxing the furies | Charlotte's one day late Birthday party | Epiphany |

Bona fide

Only a night beauty

curate by concealer's duty

going to efface overnight,

in morning we'll appreciate the bonafide sight. 

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Also by Nazia Khan:

Bare in Masquerade | Hostile ambience | Misfit |

Those Great Days (For Stuart Adamson)

Happy Birthday Stuart, all the best 'Big Man'
I still miss you everyday, as does every fan.
Your messages of pride, I still take onboard.
Your songs of hope for all, are never ignored.
If you felt alone in your life, that saddens me.
Everyone was here for you, over land and sea.
We're still here today, proud to say your name.
Life has moved on...but never quite the same.
So I look back on ...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

Ghost Race | My Decision | The 'Cup' | The Lockdown Haircut Curse! | Days Without You | Sing A Song (For us Tonight) | The Childe of Hale (1578-1623) | My Day |

Flight before the Fall...

Your wings are made of wax.

They make a foe out of the sun. 

But each piece of them that drips

Proudly declares that you've lived. 

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Also by Holden Moncrieff:

Heirlooms | The Fool | Choice | Stuck On the Inhale | In vain... |



Yesterday I stood

Staring at the moon

Hoping His Royal Majesty

Hurrys up and gets well soon.

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

Sleeping |

Rich Tea

we sit drinking coffee,

much is yet unspoken,

my cup looks cracked,

her biscuits all broken


the flat smells of damp,

split ends and oily hair,

scars bangle her wrists,

focus of my coy stare


by the hearth lies a cat

of a species I deplore,

yellow paint peels off

a lone bedroom door


on her neck a blemish

coated in stale powder,

all in all, a f...

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Also by simon lucan:

Cages | Brown Bread | Hay | Thread |

broken biscuitsdamaged goodsdoubtsflatneckpityrich tea

The Duke and Me

Way back in the distant mists of time

The nineteen eighties as I remember

I was working at the Dorchester hotel 

On the banquet bar in late December 

It was a black tie corporate affair 

Guest of honour was the Duke indeed

In the crystal room I manned the VIP bar

Catering to our distinguished guests needs

My instructions were to prepare a tray 

With a selection of drinks...

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Slits for eyes, 

Through dusk of dawn, 

And written down on tissue paper. 


Floral in briefcase, 

Drenched beneath cold willow, 

Tunes of merry metal. 


Wrapping in the circles, 

In which we cannot be, 

Merely a human being. 

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Also by Alita Moore:

Yellow Blue Dandellion | Birds |

I am All, and All is Me.

I sit in silent solitude

And let my spirit drift

Across the universe, the cosmos

And let my paradigm shift

There's no greater feeling

Than the freedom which I find

When I let go of all attachment

Find my soul, and lose my mind

And my heart feels so connected

To each and everything I see 

Because, like looking in a mirror 

I am all, and all is me.

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I scare them all away

Is it the way I look 

or what I say 

they’re going by the book 

that’s what they said 


eyes start to move 

searching the exit 

they’ll stay for dessert 

then make their break 


I scare them all away 

back to their little caves 

they bolt their doors and pray 

for a return to boring 


I get lonely 

like everyone else 

it’s more about disappoint...

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

Doublage | Metaphor Shortages |



    rambling through
        took a walk
         surprised by the sight
         of ancient mossy forests tangled
          with hotly-contested questions
          as to where the path began
           or ended, or diverged, or
           whether there was a path,
          and if it has a gender, or
          if gender was merely
         a social construct without
         any ...

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Also by Brian Hodgkinson Jr.:

Haiku #10 2021 | After the Spin | Untapped | Lighthouse of the Soul | It Lies | Let Go | Wings | To Change a Light Bulb | Easter Haiku | The Grand Experiment | Good Trees | Ghost Stakes | Cogent Hands | Space Happy |

not sure where i was going with this

The Good Place

(or "An Atheist in Heaven")

My journey's end was all too fast
I saw the bus, but damn and blast
my foot still stepped right off the kerb
and as it did, I found the nerve
to swear a bit and gasp and sigh
"God help me" was my last breath's cry

A selfish gesture, I'll admit
but there was no time for better wit
I was pretty sure my little plea
would not be made to come to be
when that bus e...

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Wearing The Fez

Is there a ship stuck in Suez?

Yez, sez the man in the fez

who probably isn't Egyptian

as they no longer wear them

and judging from his diction

and a one-armed affliction

it's a scene from a comedy sketch.

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Also by Chameleon:

Understanding the Process |

Just For A second...I Thought...


Lady plays the Tarot
her cut-throat razor
splits an infinite deck
in the present moment
showcasing one colourful image 
over all other bright possibilities
look and attend properly
it fills the entire field of vision
there never was a witch
nor any outlandish deck

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

Eight Billion Cells | Late In The Day |

#NaPoWriMo 2021 - Haiku of Life (1984 and 1985)


We still don’t want you
your class team to said after
scoring twice for them.

(A early memory of playing in my class football team. 
It was not the best of times as I never really fitted in that class)


Waking me early
I knew my nana had died
before mother said.

(My mum’s mum, my nana died in hospital 10 years or so after 
the death of her husband, my granddad all o...

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Also by Andy N:

#NaPoWriMo Haiku of Life 1977 and 1978 | #Haiku of Life 1972 and 1973 (as part of #NaPoWriMo) |



I dance on the sands 

I am clutched in small hands 

I am always unique in my shape 

I sometimes have holes for crabs to escape 

I can vary in size from large to tiny 

I wash up on the shore, in the sun I’m shiny

I am all over the world from the east to west 

I have no way to choose which of my kind is best 

I do know; however, people are happy to find me 

I am sought aft...

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Also by Rebel Elaine:

Caution |

Burning Warmth

A match lit

Makes its presence known

By both its burning light

And the sound it emulates


This burning presence

Creates a kind of warmth

That keeps growing

 Till the wind blows it

All to smoke


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The Duke of Edinburgh

Let us remember

His Royal Highness

An important member

Of the British Royal Family

The Queen’s husband

For seventy three years

Longer than any other history

Of the British monarchy

A multi-talented Prince

With many achievements in life

Patron of almost eight hundred firms

From environment to sports and education

Organising fundraisers for good returns

Taught ...

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Also by Aisha Suleman:

A Year Has Passed |


Poem 95 of 230:  A GOOD LIFE

For fauna,
Falconry -
    Starve or free?
Sheep for wool -
    Fed till full.
Chooks for eggs -
    Free-range legs.
Milk from cows -
    Should well house
(Better grade
    Can be made).
Fish for gain -
    Cut the pain.
Kosher and
    Halal banned.
Dogs for pets -
    No regrets.
And question

This does say

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Saltwater salvation

Saltwater salvation


I watch the waves turn

With differing force

Here there

And everywhere


My inner monologue— forever going

Pauses for a moment

As the ocean casts its spell upon me

 A glittering stream of blue and green— gleaming and glowing


For a moment I wonder

If I should make the choice to be submerged

To stop

And allow my body to feel colder


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Also by Rasa Kabaila:

I surrender |


Written on the occasion of our Ruby Wedding Anniversary.  Cowperthwaite was the vicar.  That we ran out of food at the reception was largely down to him, the greedy git.


We have a photo stowed away

That’s taken on our wedding day;

In truth it does not flatter us –

My double chin, your mountainous

Bosoms occupying all

The shot in their supported sprawl.


But when I ma...

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Also by John Coopey:


Aquarium Hotel

Funny how I hear your drunken silken voice
calling in the ally, blue-black angles here
define the shadows of telephone wires
cut into a small-scale cubist canyon. 

And what if I let them resonate 
like purple razor beams in haze
across the memories of a
strange person in a stranger town?

Trying to drown the recollection
of small fry in a tank of paranoia.
At least down here I avoid y...

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Covid life

Living the covid way

Is almost necessary 

For we never know

When the virus

May Slowly attack


Some precautions

Could be helpful

Social distancing

Can be fruitful

If we live covid way


Inhale, exhale

Slowly But daily

Breathing exercises

To be done



Steam bath 

Is good for health

Inhale from nose

Exhale from mouth

Vice ve...

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Also by Ghazala lari:

Paramount | Life ahead | Crishma | Philosophical | Friends forever | Beautiful life | VaCaTiOnS | Flip of a second |


I really don't like going to bed at night

My mind gets going around midday

I kinda like being a night owl

I never cared for worms anyway

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Also by Joe Marcello:



She's the new girl in town, getting everyone's attention
Her beauty is unique, her smiling face a novel mystery
Her soft gentle touch will make your knees weak, you'll fall for her
She's jealous,
and wants you all to herself
she wants you home and isolated, away from everyone else
Her enticing ways will play games with your head, she'll get what she wants
You, exposed and vulnerable, laying ...

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Corona PoemCorona VirusCorona Virus PoetryCorvid 19 poemLesroy Mardenborough PoemLesroy Mardenborough PoetryTaj PoetryTake your breath awayThe new girl

Cruelty to Boys

I saw you there sweating
while under the shade
screaming, "stop that now" 
and you threw a book
straight out in front of you
onto faded grass.

You ordered him, "Go! 
Pick it up, you useless child"
A well-dressed boy in a school cap 
cowered to gain the book 
brought it back to you; 
you dropped it
So he had to pick it up again, and again
while you admonished him for ...

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Woman behind the curtain

The woman behind the curtain

peeres silently through a gap,

to seethe joy ane happiness

of people not knowing she is trapped.


She hears the sound of laughter,

while silence echoes in her heart

She sees the smiley faces and eyes,

and fades into the darkness that pulls her apart.


The joyous sound of her man's whistle,

rings loud into her inner ear

while she si...

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Also by Ilse Grobler:

Hold on to me |


Alas, my emotions win tonight. 

I'm too exhausted to put up a fight.

How do I cling onto the light?

Jesus, my only hope, please make it alright. 


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Mondrian, composite 1922.

How do i describe the art straight from the heart

Not to show of your glimpse of a rising star

Abstract in a pure way and form

Like the red thread through our lives

Black are the lines that devide colours

making them more static

Nothing will move at our command

White empty spaces taste so sublime

Time tells classics future has come.

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Also by Rudyard Kooistra:

Piet Mondrian one. | Constable rewritten. | No title. | Just a sentence from the great book of Black. | A farm beyond a field. | Nightmare |

Severed Ties

Held together by the ties that bind, all the more important ‘cos we rigged the knots ourselves, 
Yesterday is lost and to tomorrow we are blind, so together we would face all that enraptures and repels,
And through the years it helped us put the worst behind, and enjoy the best, although it came in too brief spells,
But our tethers became weathered by the daily grind, and the frailest of all th...

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Also by Jason Bayliss:

Profer The Hand That Saves | Smell The Roses |


Beloved husband

they scribed on the stone,

and it may be true.

There were days when

we bickered and

picked at the scabs

of our lives,

exposed raw wounds

and bled together.

But together, we

salved the hurts, healed

and cared for each other,

so there was the love

at the heart of it.

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

Moon | Jabs |

Howling Edge

"Give children fire, so they can grow stronger than anyone you've ever known"

Take me to the edge
Give me wings to touch the sky
Let me hustle my sorrow into the wind
May my pain echo in a kind
Might it set their world on fire
Tears pumping through their veins
Let them know what I've felt
What ache I've been in
And they'll heal as soon as their own wind whisper hits 'em
As a hurricane


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Work Horses

The clanking compound of the brewery

– where Dad did casual shifts

when building work was scarce –

is buried now beneath the floors

of a multi-storey car park

and chat that drifts across

from cappuccino pavements.


Born to a scant inheritance

of rushy Sligo acres, my dad was bred

like his brothers to follow the work,

sending remittances home

from London, Readin...

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Also by David Cooke:

Shadow Boxing |

Back in the Day

It's the final day of the routine seven,
The jig is nearly up,
Its back to work come morning time,
Till then we'll take a sup,

Sure Nealon's is the place to go,
Its usually quiet at this time,
Leave your gaf and start to walk,
And then call in to mine

The laughing and the chatting,
As the stout begins to flow,
Suddenly its last orders,
And then we'll have to go

I can't help but feel so...

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Also by Alex O Dubhghaill:

Browsing |


Reader discretion advised. “The Curse and the Cure”

I hurt for you,

Then, now, and my whole life through.

I hurt for him, her and the next,

For last time and this time, I’m a motherfuckin wreck.

No body knows that shit but me,

That this butterfly ain’t as free as she’d like to be.

I’ve lived this way,

It’s why I sway and sway,

I dance, in a trance, 

In the dark, feel the expanse. 

I've never had a choice,

But I’ve l...

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I Don't Murder Less Than Three People In Any One Sitting

Toolips, are fekkin yellow,
      Roses, fekkin red,
I can't stand your fekkin fakery,
You're dead.

I thank you.

ZTK Space

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interdimensionals farting but don't let you fart.

In between days


Disinterested drizzle begins to hit

The screen thickening into hail

As the cloud moves over the car

Leaving just the hard worn short change breeze


Further on a volley of empty

Beer cans are carried into the wind

Full of rolling chatter across the road

Discharged from a discarded

Dead body black sack

And then the sun

Gives its full blast best


It’s one...

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The Pulse of Life Remembered

On a side table

Where the sun pauses

During each afternoon

I will place a bowl of roses

In remembrance of you

Their petals as soft

As the dew in the morning

When first it kisses the day

As each petal lightly falls

Brushing against the

Warmed wood

I will feel the pulse of your life

And think of you with love

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A Mortal Moment

A Mortal Moment


My eyes still see clearly now

despite my advanced years

Beauty I see and gaze upon

but no longer touch or embrace

Desire has taken its course

its energy has slowly abated

My joys and interests remain

which I savour and partake of

The past has a haunting quality

at which I glance or wince

Drops of embarrassment fall

on salacious appetites of ...

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Along the Levee

There is often a vague sadness
that emanates from the boats
in the ramshackle marina

The boats, aground at low tide,
bereft of their purpose,
wait for their meaning to return

Later, afloat once again,
they’ve made their peace
with the return of the water

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Also by Mike McPeek:

Good Morning |

Flower in the Stone

Pursue the beauty until the ugliness leaves you alone

and let you bloom
like a flower in the stone

[By Ujjal Mandal, India]

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Any Old Jerusalem

On the laps of our beloved smoking mothers - 
we heard them speak of how the world
was whilst they were young.

The festooned nights of war-torn bingo halls -
where everything was just about right and unjust
about wrong. Where no one owned a phone.

I can still see her on abandoned mornings -
alone and never giving inches to winter ghosts.
Cigarette in mouth. Eyes down. Enraged of Englan...

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Also by Ralph Dartford:

Gloria Wilson | Languages  | Helter Skelter  |


Guilt has got me, or is it shame
Finding excuses, someone to blame
Trying to get the mumbled words out
Needing to talk but not wanting to shout
Trapped in a world that is just full of sin
Caught in a fight I don't feel I can win
Capturing demons that run through my head
Locked well away, those thoughts left unsaid
Deep is the prison where I keep them locked in
Hearing their screams, the t...

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A Year Ago, Tomorrow

“De Temps En Temps,” by Josephine Baker. That’s what I was listening to. Funny now to think I'd ever forget how it felt, something like that. 


Alone and facing my death in a stranger’s beach house, next to a dark, cold, ocean in the dead of Winter.


I ate Dove chocolates and soaked in a warm bath with bubbles to the brim, and listened to “De Temps en Temps,” while lifting a razor to...

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cancerfree versespringsurvivor


A poet is a composer, orchestrator and arranger,

Performer and promoter who knows creative danger;

Solo artist on the page and on the platform too,

The poet sings out loud and proud

And needs no back-up crew!.



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Also by M.C. Newberry:


I hear you...

I hear you... 

I don’t know what else I can say. 

Life has lost us,

Carried us away 

But I hear you...

And I know that we're okay.

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Product of Abuse ( It's a Song.)

Mother, you left me to the wolves
For the substances in your nose
I thought I was a light inside your eyes
How could you leave your child with an abuser
My innocence was ripped from my mind

Product of abuse
Don't cry your eyes out
Get on your feet 
Run to father
Death is coming

Mother, you're toxic vile child 
Hope you get cancer in your jaw 
I want it to slowly eat you away


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The Death Series (3 poems)

Vulnerable           (november 2007)


I see you there helpless, at you’re most vulnerable.

And I am helpless to help you.

No matter how strong I am, how tough I pretend to be, I can do nothing.


I have to wait for others to come.

I have to watch you lying there, while I just stand and wait helplessly.

I can not describe the amount of pain I feel and how vulnerable I feel ...

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Also by shan:

Sorry | I Expect You | No one knows | Without Regard | Right the Wrongs | The Pain | Breaking Point | Frustration .... | Scars | Scars | Pain | Anger | You | Feel |

Today I Am

Today I will not trouble myself with the world’s thoughts of me,

Today I am strong, I am a warrior,

Today I am free,

Today I am everything I was born to be,

Today I am fearless,

Today I am me.

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Yes, of course I could hang on to who I was yesterday

But why bother, when

Each new day

Begs me to




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Advice To Pet Owners

As no one wants to flush a living goldfish down the loo

If yours is looking lifeless this is what you ought to do:

Inspect its body carefully to localize the head

Then hit it with a hammer to make sure it's really dead.

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"There, (in my heart)"

"There,(In my Heart)"

I thought of death a thousand times,

So I began to dig a grave in my heart,

Peeking into it now and then,

Trying to find the best spot,

Where I can lay the burden and my head.


My friend says, "rest if you find any there",

But when they talk about down there,

All I hear about are immortal hungry worms

And the endless flowing springs of volcano


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Also by Emeka Collins:

"En route to Peace" |

The captivation of the impasse

Can the difference in our souls be overcome?

The asterism of our fates cannot so opaque.

It is ironic that what we both seek can be defined in a chronograph of sand.

You have so far to travel and yet your peace is already found

I long to tell you of the falsehood of my pretences

To unlock the anacucis of your affections to me would more beautiful than a strand of your auburn locks 


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Thoughts To The Universe In My Moment Of Hurt.

Oh bless me Universe  & make me a perfect picture of your art.

Make me as pure as a newborn as I was from the start.

For they left me alone afraid in the dark.

They threw in the ocean to swim with the sharks.

And they laughed as I was ripped apart.

Actuality/Reality ripped away my heart.

I hold my self accountable & it was fifty percent my fault.

And the "Angel Of Death" came to me & said...

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care enough to listendepressionhopestrengthuniverse

Cigarretes In The Mirror

Tell me where you'll go with all your burns,
reserve smile whispering the truth,
vanishing without a trail every time as she turns,
old age burdain and transient youth.

Blue as neverending sea,
light and blue
all I ever needed,
all I've never proved,
all I ever needed,
light and blue,
blue as neverending sea.

Don't tell me why have you returned with all your burns,
visible frown as...

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creative writinglife writingpoetrypoetry eventsad poetry

Who & what is a soulmate?

Simple really

I think.


It is an inner clone of yourself

another you

in a different body


no matter how











etc etc etc etc

that other you is


the remainder of your life

could be unimaginably enhanced

in every single way possible


if your recognition...

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Also by Rose Casserley:

Cumulous contemplations |

Entitled to Love

They tell us;
“You are not entitled to anything.”

But, somehow we feel that’s wrong.

The birds have food,
the beasts have water;
and they can find a mate.

They tell us;
“The world is harsh,
it hands you nothing.”

But, humans seem to make it worse.

Your rules, and laws and boundaries of the mind;
enslave us to earn a dollar,
while you stand and jeer and watch.

They tell us;

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Also by Chris Bunton:

Remember When |


You are

You are the "feeling-home" feeling
of the smell of freshly brewed beans
in the coffee-shop, you set up in my heart


You are the peace the sunset brings
when the last strokes are painted
on the palette of the horizon
where my eyes take rest


You are the mystery in a misty morning
when the sun is sleeping in
and the fog that the sea breeze brings

takes custody of the valleys ...

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Well, you got me again my heart don't think it's very funny.

All these years thinking you might wake up and see all the love I offer,  I'm a dummy.

 My faith in you outweighed everything, even my heart.

Knowing of all the heartache I would go through I made myself deaf from the very start.

The spell that made me deaf starts to fade as nine years pass.

I wouldn't change my past even ...

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twin flame lost

Riding a rickshaw through the uneven lines in my hair that I made when I tried cutting my hair

 I tried to be a changed man,
so I shaved the sides of my head,
but it quickly grew back out,
now I'm drowning in pointless doubt.

Could it be what you said,
cause it haunts me when I'm in bed.
Few words on repeat,
just seem stuck in my head.

I tried to be a changed man,
but habits don't die young,
running up on empty,
ever since I left me.
And my confidence is tanking,
I just need my...

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Your Eyes

How could I describe your eyes?

Big, round with long black lashes, 

so warm, brown and lovely, 

I can't get them off my mind. 


One look at them and I feel safe, 

eyes easy to remember. 

I travelled many different ways, 

but no such I have seen out there.  


Many people know old saying:

"Eyes are the mirrior of the soul." 

In that case the soul like yours 


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To Leave The Cage

As Covid rules start to be lifted,
Lives once more shall soon be shifted.
In parks and gardens we are now free
To be with people we have longed to see.

While we may meet in groups of up to six,
We are also now allowed to mix
With two households, though of any size.
For our patience this is the latest prize.

As well as this we can now play all sports,
Perhaps on the field in the courts...

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Covid 19RestictionsStuart Vanner


Heartbreaks can be heard...

In the sobs muffled in your old pillow...

In the screams of reason...

In the accusations of what was not done...

In the sights of what could have been done...

In the silence of tears streaming down the cheeks..

In the redness of the eyes which haven't slept a wink...

In the words written to explain a standpoint...

In the snarl when the explanatio...

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Back in M&S


So we’re back in M&S

Looking at sleepwear again.

What is it with my family

That the prospect of a hospital visit

That will strongly steer 

If not determine

Whether it is life or death this time

Sends us immediately to consider 

How we might appear to those who will treat us

How in the midst of uncertainty

We might exert just a scrap of control

My brother in hi...

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The Spark Of Understanding

Why is it thought such a fight

Living life within the light?

Purely expressed feelings actual

Emotional balance is only natural

There never was anyone else to blame

Personal responsibility to now reclaim

Life being ours to make of what we will

Thinking purely, truths, freedom until

Our future to be shaping and moulding

Parallel with our learning unfolding

The spark of...

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#inspirational #love #self-growth #spirituality

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