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If Only


Miniature lilac tea-candles

in the bathroom, on the john

are symbols of the teardrops

from the bathtub, they burned on.


And that spray of ivy hanging

from the candelabra on the wall

next to pictures of dark oak leaves-

reflect you, & to me call.


Our Christmas tree is stripped now

without the tinsel and the balls--

lies naked by the hall door;

our cel...

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car accidentregret



I've broken the bolt from the fence's gate.

For we were the first on this vast land,
though your insatiable selfishness would prevent us.

I've removed the latch with my crowbar.

You pretended you'd share the open vistas as far as the sun-painted mountains,

where my people roamed the sierras
for millennia honoring the land, buffalo, sky, and sun;

But now, I name you robber and...

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All lives matter



About 9PM, a walk began filled with restlessness. Claustrophobia pushed every step with the urge to escape.

Off of Johnson Street, a block behind the house, there's a dirt road with a placard saying: "No motorized vehicles allowed." Seeing this, adventure presented itself, and the toes turned into it.

Picking up the pace, the town passed slowly out of sight, opening up to another world ...

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Silly Rabbit


One hot summer night beneath a rabbit-eared moon,
they walked hand in hand.  
They were engaged in candid thoughts,
dreams and visions of life adjusted
to the highest good of each.

They sat on a River Run park bench
head to head, attuned to the speechless earth-songs
harmonizing in balance.
Can anything be better than this?
You seek me as I am unknown to even myself.
I have seen m...

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fast romancelovelust

A Tale of Two


We are now with what Dickens described;
the best and the worst clash and collide.
Words are being changed, thoughts rearranged,
undermined, re-framed, and reassigned.

The vulture picks a dying culture.

Let's look at a crucial example:
"Tolerance" doesn't mean acceptance.
You can dislike something or someone
yet still tolerate them without hate.
No one can compel us to "accept,...

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cultural dividemeaningspolarized

Excellent for Weight Loss


The jilted husband made another circuit around River-Run.
He was still wearing their ring --he looked down at the rocks
she sat for pictures with yellow flowers braided in her hair.
One round was about a quarter-mile --he was on his 15th with
each step being a penance; his fuming mind, his priest.

He reclined on a picnic table in the center of the circuit,
exhausted from grief, sorrow...

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breaking updisatisfactionrelational dynamics



He got his brother's phone call while wiping a cabinet.
His eyes went side to side --like a cartoon character
having a conniption. Even though there was an inkling
of a nose-dive, the mind plays tricks thinking maybe;
a rally could plant the feet on terra firma again.

There was too much to express without ample time.
Junior had rehearsed the denouement until fluent, but
forty miles a...

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missed opportunitiessay it now

May 2007 Dream


I dreamt of a day
emptied of all beauty
human beings had banned

autonomy --crucified as a criminal
difference --blended as a flat smoothie
risk --quarantined as a leper
the divine --dubbed as a dunce
science --married as the state religion
journalism --spinning on the web

so, humans were screen-reeducated 
to march in lockstep

the same direction, wearing
the same expressions...

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May Day


Today is May 1st, geolocated under the lights
of space and sky with the star filling the green
seen through blue, which comes through
a jigsaw of polygon negatives
cut out through back-yard maple trees

everything is in motion
I can't see the wind but
a billion green palms doing the princess wave
& slender trunks swaying their slow-dance

out of the sliding glass
while I vacuum lo...

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junk food junkieLockdowns don't workSping cleaning

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