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I'll learn to feel again

Without the thought of your

        hands upon my skin



I'll learn to see again

Without the visions of your

        starry eyes in my head



 I'll learn to hear again

Without the wish of your

        velvet laugh wisping to my ears



I'll learn to taste again

Without the want of your 


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Walk into the Night


Heavy thoughts


I am

Neither here

or there

Somewhere in between



through life



Someone else's

Lucid dream

In control

Yet not 








A thousand deaths


Walk into the night

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The Reaper's Brother

Night lingers just before

the Sun smiles

Dark hugging every scar

within my soul

Peacefully patting my innocence

on the head

Like an unsuspecting child

being hushed off to bed

Snickering as I close my eyes

knowing dreams will bring 

no peace of mind

"Don't worry dear one,"

from a crooked smile

"Peace will come with my brother."

As he twirled a lock of my ha...

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I have been to hell

and back

I've seen the Devil

in human form

I've shut my eyes and mind

to horrors stained

upon my skin

But I keep them

in a pocket

Heavy as they may be


A warrior shall rise

Strip them from my grip

Hold them high for the 

World to see

Let them know the truth

in light

That warrior shall be me


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Homemade Poetry

My favorite me

lives in fantasy

where the forest trees

grow words

that ripen and fall

before me

to be plucked 

and made into

the most wonderful pastries

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You see...

It's your eyes, I think

That destroy me the most

That dismantle me in an instant

The way I see me so clearly

Deep within

Yes it's your eyes, I think

That carefully puzzle my broken pieces together

That stitch the shredded edges of my soul

The way I see me so truthfully

Deep within

Yes it's your eyes, I think

That quietly shine a lantern across my shadows

That so...

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And yes I have had my share of wild romances, that 

took the breath from my lungs and opened my

eyes to all of this world's beauty.

Unfortunately those matches burn out quickly.

The reality is that true romance is

a series of inspirational quotes carefully strung

between sitcoms and dramas.

Although, I have to believe

This passion exists. That in a 

mundane world the fir...

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soul matelove

The Truth Shall Set You Free

I cling to you

Like an addict

Always wanting more


I search dark alleys

Seeking something

New to score


Each night 

I ask the stars

To free me


Each mourning

The sun's rays

Find me



With you

Still wanting


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The fury of Hell inside

I hear the hounds whine. The dust rises as they stomp and claw the dirt before me. Eyes made of moonlight and their breath, the stench of pain. I am no longer their mistress. Forsaken them for a heart. Oh wretched beasts forgive me. Allow me one more day's light above the shadows.

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guiltpainlost love

On the Edge of Lust

I want to feel 

to feel you

Your energy

Your aura

Your soul

I want to feel

Feel anything




I want to feel

Feel you near me




Inside me

Midnight comes

Rouses me from frightening dreams

Sleep becomes 

Thy long lost lover

Lost to the sea

Many lives ago

I stand on the cliff

Dark skies hug me

Angry wat...

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Loveunrequited lovelust

The Magician

     The Magician 


She tried to say 100 times

How She wanted just

 to be near you


She stood in the fire

Only to drown

Waiting to be the reflection in your eyes


You'll never know

How much you did for her

How just a smile opened her


Maybe it wasn't really you

Maybe she just remembered 

Maybe she found her own way back


Truthfully it does...

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lovelustforbidden desires

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