One likes to think

That they are not forgotten in a blink

And it is all the good things that they have done

That the living remember

When we find that I am not included as a lucky one

Rising for another day

Under the calling of the sun

I`ve had a long, long, life, with alot of time

And it now breaks my heart,   that my body is falling apart

But my mind seems too only be in its prime

There is both good,  and bad memories,  collected in my head

And I hope that overall

Only the good memories we can recall

When I am lying breathless,  and forever dead 

And may the end of my mortal life

Be the beginning of a new and exciting journey

Which has just begun,  rewarding me with the promises

Made too me by my God

Who has now taken me as a chosen one


By J.D. Bardo


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J.D. Bardo

Sat 17th Apr 2021 12:40

Thank-you to all reading, Thanks for the likes, And I am happy that my poem stirred enough interest for comments. M.C., Keith, and Julie, thank-you. J.D. (a special thanks too you Julie, It is good to be back). J.D.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 15th Apr 2021 11:58

I'm certainly prepared to believe in the "recycle" aspect of life when
it comes to the continuance of the spirit. In terms of physicality -
we're all food for worms who in turn are food for...(etc.). Whilst
adhering to so-called Christian principles, I am less persuaded by
religious texts and find some sort of intriguing challenge posed by the
"Religion is an advertising campaign for a product that doesn't

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keith jeffries

Wed 14th Apr 2021 23:24

A poem which many will have often thought about and pondered on, the possibility of an after life. I was particularly drawn to the line "But my mind only seems to be in its prime", which afflicts us all as we advance in years.

A good poem indeed and thank you for it

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julie callaghan

Wed 14th Apr 2021 19:46

Welcome back 😁

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