Driving Instructor


My wife gives me directions

she tells me when to turn

and also when to turn off my turn signal

without her due diligence

I would drive across America signalling

a right-hand turn

she also tells me when to slow down

and when to change lanes

when to brake

and when to exit

she is my driving instructor

and takes her job very seriously

without her I would be unable to

even back out of the garage

if we ever got a Tesla

with its self-driving program

it would drive her nuts

she would not know what to do with herself


I'm looking into it

as we speak.


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M.C. Newberry

Wed 21st Apr 2021 16:24

I remember my late mother doing much the same when I drove her
around. I let it go for a while but finally had to remind her who was
actually driving the b....y car! 🙌

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julie callaghan

Wed 21st Apr 2021 12:45

😀 No comment

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