I told someone I was asexual
They asked how is that working out 
All I could say is okay

The first time I had sex with a girl I hated it 
Thought I was gay and found out I wasn't
I remember trying to be normal
I was laying in bed with a beautiful woman 
Knowing that they want physical love
Me thinking to myself maybe she'll tell me to stop
So I won't have to go through this again

I don't want to be in a sexual relationship
I don't want to be physical 
I don't want to cuddle you
So stop asking I've never wanted sex
I've never kissed anyone first
They're always assuming I want their love

◄ Product of Abuse ( It's a Song.)

My Soul ►


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 15th Apr 2021 12:06

Interesting for its "take" on the varying levels of human sexuality and
how to cope with their unexpected results..

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