If's, Ands, or Buts


AND... then what?

is the logical question

we expect a further statement

when AND is used

it implies a followup

something more to come

so we prick up our ears

and get ready for it

AND...when it does come

we are happy to hear

it completes the idea and the sentence

AND that's all I have to say

about AND

BUT then there's BUT

which is even better than AND

and implies an alternative

the real story

BUT is often used in place of And

because it give us an alibi for failure

this poem could have been better

IF I could have worked on it further

but IF is another story altogether

IF only I had the time

I would expound on IF

But the ending is coming around

for this poem

so I have to close AND

leave you hanging

BUT what did you expect

I have no more excuses.





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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Thu 1st Apr 2021 14:00

This is a really cute poem, I like it.
But it made me think...

IF it were only 'ANDS, or BUTS
- it would have been a whole other poem. 😂

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