After Salvador

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I had seen him on tv in bygone times

Finding his art entrancing in my childhood

He seemed a little mad and I liked that

Wanting to understand

My mother became my oracle of knowledge

She also worked herself as an artist

Teaching me together with discussions aplenty

I came to know him a little


Fast forward into the noughties

Persistence of Memory seen small as life at last

Melting clocks in MOMA New York

Perhaps expectation was too strong


This man was my childhood hero

Like him I have always done my own thing

Getting out of my own way when I created

I sense he did the same


Mother’s Day ten years ago seeking inspiration

Saying no to cut flowers that wither and die

What better than something truly from the heart?

After Salvador it is then, this gift of art

#inspiration #spiritualgrowth #nature #meditation

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Thu 29th Apr 2021 11:57

Thanks to both of you ? much appreciated

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julie callaghan

Thu 29th Apr 2021 10:55

Thank you for taking the time to record this, made it extra special. I can't imagine ever reading any of mine out loud.

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Ghazala lari

Thu 29th Apr 2021 10:45

I love your voice, it enhances the beauty of your poems?cool®

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