Beautiful life

Life is but a series of lessons

Some chapters sad 

Others are filled with happiness 

It's a saga told rhythmically 

Love this life as it comes

What is served is best for us

All events have a purpose

A divine fulfilment 


Life is like a fairy tale

Some live the wicked best

Others live the good worst

Till the climax it shall serve

Wickedness receives downfall

And good ones gifted blessings untold


Life is like an ocean deep

Deeper you dive, the harder to breathe

Whence the deepest beds reached

We explore miraculous beauty

And find marvelous pearls to keep


Life is an experience of happy days

Smiles and laughter fills our way

Flowers of love and friendship blooms here

To keep fresh fragrances spreading everywhere

Untill we reach our destined sleep

The hour lovely, for our God we finally meet

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keith jeffries

Thu 1st Apr 2021 22:39

This poem speaks of the divine plan for us all, a plan which we are not privy to but will be realised in the fullness of time.

Thank you for this


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