Different lines- human beings

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 Different lines-Human beings

Wednesday, 7th April 2021


As they try to bring

the interpretation

for humans on the earth

And push them to unnatural death


animals spend time

birds too follow sometimes

But human beings adopt distinct lines

And  define the dominant role


Different laws for human beings

the different beings

How much we care for the poor and rich!

And to prevent the poor from reaching the top


Many say "even god made different yardstick"

And applied cruel stick 

To grant luxury to the rich

And prevented poor from reaching two

Square mills


Even society applied a double standard

And uses inferior words

Rich is given  honourable address

Here as poor are left faceless


Even in courts

poor get a curt reply

politicians get preference

Their cases  are heard first at once


Poor get death for the want of medicine

Adequate facilities are denied

They are not in a position to afford

There is no word of solace for their condition


Dr Hasmukh Mehta


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