Reader discretion advised. “The Curse and the Cure”

I hurt for you,

Then, now, and my whole life through.

I hurt for him, her and the next,

For last time and this time, I’m a motherfuckin wreck.

No body knows that shit but me,

That this butterfly ain’t as free as she’d like to be.

I’ve lived this way,

It’s why I sway and sway,

I dance, in a trance, 

In the dark, feel the expanse. 

I've never had a choice,

But I’ve learned to keep this poise.

I hide your pain, his pain, her pain,

Close my eyes, breathe it out, keep me sane.

Take it easy, take it slow,

Take my life where it wants to go.

I love this shit, that shit, this pain shit,

I submit to it. 

Last time, this time, next time, it won’t be the last time.

I don’t need no one to understand,

This pain right here is God’s plan.

I love love,

My body fits it like a glove.

I know I hurt you, him and her,

I’m the curse and the cure. 


I can’t lie to you,

My body vibes with you. 

But I hurt you yesterday, and today and tomorrow, 

Damn this pain, I didn’t want your sorrow. 

But I feel you...

I do....

But him and her, I feel them too.

It’s not fair to you, 

Life and it’s hidden menu.

I’m sorry I can’t make you feel whole,

But please know, this is my life role.

Maybe next lifetime no one will love me,

I can be that free ass plum tree.

But shit who am I kidding?

It would be fitting, 

That a plum fruit fucked Adam and Eve. 

I’ll never get reprieve.

So I don’t wanna ask, but I have to,

Can you love me and let him and her too? 

I’m the Ex-factor

How can anyone not love me?

Cause I love you and him and her, 

Today, tomorrow, forever, the curse and the cure.



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Thu 8th Apr 2021 09:11

There are factors I definitely don't understand but that's because it's your life, your pain you talk about. I love that. I love that for you. Painfilled poems always give me some kind of feeling of relief. It makes it better somehow. I hope it does it for you too.
Nevertheless, it's a really beautiful creation. It has a good flow to it. And most important: you convey your pain, even when I don't fully know what you mean, in such a well written, well expressed way that I still feel like I know your pain. I can relate and read that poem with an aching but warming heart. 🖤

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