Visiting the Grave

Here lies my old dead dad

So sad,  all those years together

We never valued the friendship

We  "could have had"

Did our hearts from each other drift

Or just our attitudes on life shift

Looking back now

I understand somehow

I have an adult son

We both struggle with our own lives

And make no time for fun

This cycle of behavior is quite mad

And here it occurs to me


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Remember Me

So,  how can I be remembered

Long after I die

I left no permanent marker

Nothing tangible to touch

No monuments to say there was I

I accomplished nothing remarkable

No feats to document

So,  how can I be remembered

This perplexing problem

I think I can circumvent

When my body is dead and gone

And in your mind,  I am just a memory

Please read my pile of poems


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The love in my life was all lost to lust

In my monogamy my partners could not trust

Being faithful to just one I could not adjust

Exploring my bi-sexuality was a must

Sharing this secret with my wives was a bust

They were angry and hurt and filled with disgust

I need my man to be all man

One of them did say

As a couple we have a commitment

And with the same sex you shoul...

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What is it about our race issues

And hatred towards each other today

It`s the twenty-first century

By now we should have found our way

Is it that our past regression

And all of the supression

Set forth a situation that is here to stay

Always too hard to forgive

When free to be yourself you cannot live

We must strive to get over our past

Forgive but not forget,  for a ...

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The Rocky Road to Ruin

Society is in descent

Our government is really bent

Misleading us is their intent

Knowing their true intentions,  they do prevent

They feed us news with fake content

A positive image they try to present

They over tax and waste each cent

On wasteful goods and servicies

Our populations savings is spent

That is the American way

I can be late paying my over inflated rent


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I have merry memories of many a kind

About them with much bliss,  I reminisce

And play with them today

Like movies in my mind

Now,  this is all I have to do

And,  what has happened to me may happen to you

Old age,  with poor health,  but mostly lack of wealth

Has me in a modest home,  confined

So,  I find myself in a bind,  life has left me behind

My past choices and dec...

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Honestly,  and completely on the level

To be young again

I just might sell my soul to the devil

Sometimes,  my gut feeling is that God has abandoned me

Pleasure is often elusive now in life

With no positive proof of his promises for me to see

My faith and trust in God has been lost in my depression

That is deepening daily,  leaving me to ask

Why would a good God let me suff...

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Why Poetry

What is it?

About what I went through in earlier times

That makes me want to write about them

With a flowing rhythm in rhyme

Why is it?

The focus always seems to be about negativity

And the painful pitfalls of our society

Of moral injusticies encountered by me that are a crime

How is it?

I remember the times that were good

But, so often feeling sad, only write about t...

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Over the "Hump"

Grasses will be greener in the coming years

Flower`s fuller, and prettier

Having been watered with yesterdays tears

We are all soaked in sad memories and sorrows

But no more,  for our coming tomorrows

An unknown future we did fear

Then,  covid death was looming near

Now,  around a corner we did turn

Because for a new way of life we did yearn

We reap what we sow,  and all...

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Oh... The pain and sorrow

Of waiting on yet another hopelessly empty tomorrow

Day dreaming that I still have a life

However, to feel, from the creation of my imagination

I must borrow

Aware of a world outside my door

That world for me is no-more

I rage over my accumulating age, and health condition

That has me in a state of desolation

And fear of expanding loneliness


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The Accidental Best Friend

She came into my life,  when the loneliness was so bad

I felt as if I could end it all swiftly,  with a kitchen knife

While in a frame of mind best described as desperately sad

In which I had given up on the friendliness of mankind

And empty socializing,  enough of,  I have had

So... I took phone in hand 

And called the shadiest "Hook-up" Dating line. To take a stand

And find ...

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She liked to play Lola on the Juke Box

At the local dance club

And shake her behind for all the lonely guys

She,  the over-painted,  fake breasted

Long,  tall,  "Knock-out"  with lust in her eyes

Her words of choice,  from her funny,  feminine,  deep voice

Was one of many signs,  to which I was certainly wise

In front of all the others,  I asked her to dance

She was shocked


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What is it? This fetish I have got

With the beauty of the female breast 

The big Boobs,  that lure my eyes only to that spot

Before you assume this poem is porn,  and scorn

I asure you,  about sex,  this is not

Please let me explain

That the firm, full, breast and a swollen nipple

Can to me signify comfort in times of pain

For it was the breast that quenched my first


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One likes to think

That they are not forgotten in a blink

And it is all the good things that they have done

That the living remember

When we find that I am not included as a lucky one

Rising for another day

Under the calling of the sun

I`ve had a long, long, life, with alot of time

And it now breaks my heart,   that my body is falling apart

But my mind seems too only be ...

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The Taste of May

I tasted a snowflake on my walk today

It landed on my tongue as I was panting away

Out of shape I am,  I have to say

Because of the virus,  indoors I mostly stay

The weather was bleak,  the skies gray

Just a few snowflakes flying

A scarily beautiful display

I said a prayer of thanks to God

That I am so cheerful,  on such a miserable day

Then,  I delightfully dreamed of d...

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Unity in the Community

When we grieve in our community,  we have unity

And we all grieve as one

Regardless of our race or religion

Political Party affiliation or sexual orientation

None of these matters when we have equally suffered a loss

When in time of need,  for help we do not have to plead

We,  with great glee,  put hate and negativity on the run

So... why can we not put our differences to a de...

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My Heart to you

Today is the day.

Today is the day,  that I worked up the courage to say.

That I love you.

I love you in a very special way.

Since we met,  I have had this crazy crush on you.

I do not know what to do.

When we are together,  I wish you would never leave.

I want to believe,  that between us,  a lasting love did conceive.

And we will share,  if you dare,  this love until time...

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Oh My God !

Oh my God !  why is this?

Oh my God !  how is this?

Oh my God ! why is my child Gay?

This is what the ignorant parent would say.

And your answer to such a question would be.

Maybe,  just maybe,  they were really born that way.

It is not any of the things said or done after you mated.

It is just what happened the very moment,

That their soul was created.

And where ones de...

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More Senryu

The man that thought to 

Write down words that sound profound

Became a poet


Blessed be the Mother

Giving up her life for child

Sacrafice honored


Addicted to sex

When my Babysitter asked

Want to play naked?


(these three will do for now)

By J.D. Bardo

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J.D. Trying Senryu ??

Lovely written words

Exposing my soul to you

Take me as I am


By J.D. Bardo

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Why am I here?

A friend asked.

Write a Poem,  "Why am I Here" 

Well... my thought was,  and is.

I am here, to get to there!

And there,  is the Heaven.

Of which you are aware.

And... I get too there,  by living like my Savior Jesus Christ lived.

Loving,  caring,  and fair.

Just,  "Love one and other, as I have loved you".

To quote the famous man there.

Simple as that,  do so,  and yo...

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Pink Lady

I had the pleasure of eating my first Pink Lady apple today.

I remembered the Pink Lady was favorably mentioned in a poem.

When I saw them at the grocery store on display.

I thought to myself,  anything called "Pink Lady" .

Has got to be okay!

So,  for a bag of these desireable apples I did pay.

Tart, juicy, and crisp,  just like the discription did say.

But,  comparing apple ...

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My Bird

Sit back,  relax,  I am going to share with you a word.

The word I wish to share,  is a simple word.

The word is  "Bird".

You know,  our feathered friend that can fly upward.

Do you know the fable about setting free the Bird?

Yes,  this fable I am sure you have heard.

So,  what is it that I have to say,  about a Bird,  anyway?

Well,  I have a girlfriend,  that cums too me.


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Wrong Turns

While reflecting on the route I have rambled.

As I bumbled,  and scrambled.

My way through life.

I realize that the turns I have taken.

And the choices I was makin`.

Let us not be mistaken.

Was like sliding along the edge of a razor sharp knife.

Because every day,  I let my addictions have there way.

And about this,  I had little to say.

This was my continuous agony,  an...

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When getting to much,  is never enough.

You know personally.

That dealing with a sex addiction is fuckin` tough stuff.

In the check-out lines,  and on the sides of the street.

Everywhere I go,  I am hoping to meet.

Those like minded partners.

To make todays fantasy complete.

I think of kinky things to do,  all day in a daze.

Imagining having sex,  in a hundred different way...

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Augh,  agony,  agony,  what can I do.

Bad times are here.

They are sticking to me like glue.

One complication after another.

All falling in order,  as if on cue.

Difficulties piling up like water against a dam.

I am not sure about how strong I am.

No more fingers to fill in the holes.

This time I am really in a jam.

I need help,  but all that could are acting the clown.


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A Welcome Reality

Kamala Harris 2028

I like that thought,  wouldn`t that be great.

Kamala Harris 2024

Why wait,  we need her now.

Hope for a better future,  Kamala will restore.

We need a leader that can earn back the worlds respect.

A leader that the younger,  more colorful faces of our nation will elect.

Someone we can trust,  and be proud of.

Kamala is a Bad-ass.

She did not get to whe...

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The Acme Corp. poem making machine

                                                                                                                                                                               I just drop a handful of words into the top of my,

Acme Corporation poem making machine.

I turn the crank handle around and around.

And it will sift through, and sort out the words.

Removing those that are offensi...

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Flash your Sign

We need a saving song.

To which we all sing along.

Or,  a not- so- secret sign.

To show the others,

Our thoughts and feelings, Are in line.

In troubled times before,

You cannot ignore.

That flashing the sign of peace,

Or raising your fist in solidarity.

Did give your heart a sense of release.

We need something now.

To get us through somehow.

A sign to show that ...

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A Guiding Star

You must be ready to.

Accept yourself for the,  who.

That you show the others,  that you are.

You must present yourself proudly.

Whatever your message,  speak it loudly.

Make a bold,  and colorful statement.

And let your uniqueness shine like the brightest star.

If you can be happy with the "you" that God has made.

If you can express yourself openly,  and honestly,  and,  n...

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Pride and prestige, the American dream

What that is you see of us,  on the evening news.

To our reputation,  inflicts one hell of a bruise.

What we want you to know,  is that those insurgents.

Do not reflect all of our views.

This is damage beyond belief,  we,  as Americans,  all lose.

So,  now,  down memory lane,  I want you to cruise.

Remember that we were all Patriots,  as a child.

Reciting the "Pledge of Allegi...

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Well...... I will admit it.

 I am totally insane.

I just looked up the word.

 And that is exactly what happens.

Inside of my broken brain.

By definition,  

To me those words precisely pertain.

(In a state of mind which prevents normal perception, behavior, and social interaction).

(Seriously mentally ill).

When I read these words,  I get sort of a crazy chill.

The psy...

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The Ten Commandments, (check-list)

I-   I am the LORD your God, you shall not have strange Gods before me.

     (sun god, money god, sex god, ect.)                                                               FAIL.

II-  You shall not take the name of the LORD, your God in vain.

     (God damn it, this one is hard)                                                                        FAIL

III- Remember to keep holy the...

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Room to grow

We clear the land

Removing the rocks and stumps

After having cut down the trees

and freeing the ground of weeds

With our strength,  and that of the steel plow

We break the hard soil

Preparing the way,  to sow our seeds

We care for our crops,  that will come and go

This miracle of life,  and its repetitive flow

Which yields the fruits that fulfill our needs

One identic...

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Grandpa`s Baby Sittin`

I feel as if I have stolen this rare moment of peace

These obligations I have made are demanding

I occasionally need some sort of release

So,  I try to write poetry,  that is my satisfaction

I post my poetry online

And hope that the readers have a positive reaction

But before I can conjure up a tale to tell

And put the story to rhyme

I hear the bellow of the baby

I have ...

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I like her (I hope I don`t blow it)

She is the closest to my one true self.

She also knows the several others of me.

That have a capricious nature.

Like that of the elusive elf.

When we meet monthly.

She is curious as to "who" she will see.

She thinks to herself.

Which one is it today,  that he is trying to be?

Well...... I am not going to be the "normal" elf.

I am not going to be the well adjusted person ...

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Bumper Pool

No straight lines on my table

And the legs are not quite stable

I want,  always to play if you are able

But, the stick I give you is not straight

On my turn,  I will have you wait

Its "my game" my table,  losing is your fate

I practice on my table that has the bump

While you try,  I will make you the chump

I will keep your game in a slump

I am sure on my table you will n...

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"Judge Not Lest You Be Judged"

I agree that I can be insulting

I am told that I am revolting

And it is said that I am an ass

I argue that I am combative

I dare you to say I am threatening

Because I think I have balls of brass

I can smell,  I use foul language

I can be seen scratching my butt  

Because I have no class

I used to have long hair

I would say things that others would not dare

They say...

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