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The Mirror

Fuck that damn mirror, that is not me.

I seriously do not like what I see.

I have changed, to a large degree.

From pimples, too wrinkles,

And my pants I again can pee.

The deeper I look, the farther I see.

Way, way, back, the little boy at three.

Discovering life, running wild, and free.

Now, beat down by life.

Asking, "to be, or not to be".

No going back, just the on...

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Going Places

I would like you to meet,

My sore and blistered feet.

I am proud of what they did complete.

I am sure you to, will think it is really, neat.

While they have no special class, or special style.

They have been getting me around for many a mile.

Stories of the places they have taken me.

Can fill a very, large file.

Now, I will tell the stories that will make you smile.


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J.P.`s "RIDE"

I`m going to ride around on my Big Wheel.

I can spin the tires, and that whole ordeal.

I can peddle fast, and really make them squeal.

I will take a ride, and show off my appeal.

I cleaned my wheels, their, shine is ideal.

I am jamming to "Low Rider". I have the whole feel.

This Big Wheel will do, until Dad gets me the real deal.

Some day, Dad will get me a Ford, made of cold ...

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The skin we are in.

If we go way back, we will find we are all kin.

Family we are, fighting amongst ourselves,

Should be considered a sin.

Of all the diferences we could fight about,

We are obessed with the diference of "The skin we are in".

If we cannot live in harmony, no one will win.

Let us find common ground, based on what is within.

Concentrate on what makes us the same.

Think of the one...

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The "beat"

Here I sit, just me and my huntin` dog.

Pounding this stick, on this old log.

Listening to the beat.

While we wait on the cooking meat.

What can I do with the skin from this butchered, hog.

I made an instrument, to play while I hum.

This thing I, made, I will call a drum.  

While I play, here the cave women come.

Into the light of the fire.

Their shape I sure do admire.


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THE KILLER beside me

I know a man with such anger inside.

When his thoughts i touch, I just want to run and hide.

In his head there is much confusion.

Right from wrong, he is trying to decide.

Will kneeling down, and giving up his sword.

Be having him lose his pride.

Or shall he pick it up.

And smite those who have offered "peace", but have lied.

He just wants "them" to feel the pain he has fel...

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Give and Take

When the warmth and light, comes.

And dries the dew formed over the dark night.

When you hear the birds and bees hum.

And when the darkness, becomes bright.

When the harmony of life strums.

And you see the creatures take flight.

Open, up your flower

And expose your nectar, out in plain sight.

The pulse of life beats on like a drum.

You must share in the great plan, with ...

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So, is life infinite by design?

Is life a circle ? "0" or a line? "---".

My physical body is on the decline.

To, its fate, I do resign.

But of my concience, I need to know.

My thoughts, my spirit, where do we go?

If death is the end, I will take it slow.

If divinity is out there, well, lets get on with the show.

I like to think that there is somewhere beyond.

Life, after...

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If with this virus, we are at war.

Then soon, we, will be no more.

The earth let out a mighty roar.

To loud, this time, to ignore.

Earth says, "this should settle the score".

To how life was, Earth will restore.

Earth wants things, like before.

Earth cannot support man anymore.

On this earth, man is a bruise.

War with this virus, man will lose.

What man has done to ea...

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My view

Aww, there it goes again, my mind taking flight.

Way up high, out of sight.

Looking down, on the flying kite.

Oh, but damn, what a view.

Seeing things, about, you have no clue.

You cannot see what I see, up here, over you.

I can see so far it is hard to comprehend.

What is that way out there, around the bend?

I can look the other way to.

This way also, the images do not ...

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Worn out

I I am a puzzle, missing some pieces. The picture on the box, faded, and full of creases. This old puzzle is out of style. My edges are worn and soft, that is why I am now at the bottom of the pile. The younger players do not like the old school stuff. But the shiny new puzzle, with the flashy picture. Is cool, and they just cannot get enough. As, long as I am still in the pile. I might come back ...

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Again, watching another sunrise. Again, wiping tears from my eyes. I cry thinking of the new day. I hope and pray, something good comes my way. over, and over, with the rising of the sun . For that moment, a new feeling had begun. Maybe this day, happiness has won. During the time it takes, to watch the dawn break. It occurs to me, if, this day is new. Well, yesterday is through. So why is it that...

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