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A scene from Science Fiction movie

Drones spread over the sky

Not to capture the scenes

But to spray poison

And also to spray virus

An easy way they found

To annihilate a population

Cough, cold, fever and diarrhea 

The common symptoms

No one knew the secret enemy

That were flying above their heads

It was human beings anymore

Who were spreading any viruses

No mask can save you

If all you eat of...

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Will I ever know?

How will I ever know

the difference between each?

The good, bad, better or worse

Life has taught me best of these


How will I ever know

the value of various paths?

Untill I tread along them

I'll never be able to explore the realms


How will I ever know

the sweet bitter taste of happiness and sorrow?

Till I take the adventures of life

Unlocking the truths wo...

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New Beginnings

New beginnings is a trend setting in

Keeping entact all the lessons of past

As a torch to let the path lighting 


Moving ahead, in leaps and bounds

Constantly making recovery over lapses left behind

Going on in life with perfect zest and zeal


There's so much more to achieve in life

What's left behind was suppose to stay there

Never look back to history's truant mys...

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I Trust Thee

I trust thee, My Rabb 

I know nothing can harm me 

unless You have written it for me 


I trust thee, Ya Allah 

for everything happens to us 

as decreed by Thee 


I trust thee, O the everliving 

I'm sure You're always here 

listening to my prayers, responding well 


I trust thee, O all hearing one 

no harm the enemies can inflict upon

Your fortress is en...

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World peace

Shall I bring the peace back to the world

Once again restoring the human glory

Will the man be better than his past 

Or will he return to his previous atrocity 


Do you wish to live in peace again

Or do you want to cry and sigh

Will the humans change their way

Bringing back the humanity high


What do you want O mankind fair

Peace for all Or doom be the sway


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Aazaad Titli

Aazaad hoon, mujhey azaad hee rhney do

Chand dino ki zindagi hai, mujhey jee leney do


Titli toe hoon main, Mgr kamzor nahi hoon

Mujhey girift mey nahi leyna, bs main azaad hoon 


Merey sunheri pankhon ko, tum na choona 

Inmey jo rang hain, tumhey lage toe mujhey mt kehna


Meri umr hai bs kuch ghardiyon ki talabgaar

Mera talabgaar bankr mujhey qaid kabhi na krna


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With every fall, my soul did rise!!!

With every fall in life the soul did rise

The heights attained of everlasting bliss

To reside in the house of lord the creator

The soul to convene its holy endeavor

With every prick in life the heart did soften

Crying sorrows of pain suffered by others

Beautifying the soul and making it gentle

Achieving the tasks of a monk in a temple

With every whip the body grew s...

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