Sabr and shukr (patience and gratitude)

Never lose hope, never give in to gloom

This life is only a test prepared for afterlife 

Never give up on life and think difficulties are doom

It's only there to make you strong and attain Jannah eventually 


Sometimes your destiny takes a different turn

What we pray for isn't granted to us

Allah makes us wait, wait and wait little more longer 

To finally bestow upon us th...

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I'm on my way to divine love and peace

It's the only thing I need 

May my Rabb always be pleased 

With every intention and my deed 


I've nothing much to say or do 

Devoting the rest of my life to Thee 

It's all I have to present Allah almighty 

A heart true woven into rose red and green 


I'll always praise and worship Thee 

It's the only thing that gives my sou...

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Dedicated to Allah (s.w.t) 🌹🌹🌹

When Allah is all you have 

Trust me He's all you ever need 

For everything you require 

Comes directly through his mercy 


When Allah is your friend 

There's nothing one needs to worry 

Don't bother about anything bad or evil 

Trust me Allah has the greatest power 


When Allah is with you 

Don't bother who's against you 

For the protection of the Almighty one...

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Live free

Live free 

Declutter your mind 

So also your heart and soul 

Drop the negativities 


Live free 

Of all tensions and worries 

Let these be dropped 

Never to bring them back 


Live free 

Of unnecessary burdens 

That weighs us down 

Making difficult movement ahead 


Live free 

Of past, that's history 

Nothing can be done or undone 

Those were s...

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Ya Rabb (prayer)

Ya Rabb, I'm thankful to thee

For protecting me and loving me 

From situations and circumstances 

By turning them around in my favour


Ya Rabb, I'm grateful to thee 

For thy favours and thy care 

In times of need and prayer 

For things I wanted when in despair 


Ya Rabb I'm definitely blessed 

As your defences are stronger than anything else

You heard the conv...

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Good morning

A beautiful day to start with

Humbled by the care He shows

My protector and my guide

In thee I shall always rely


A lovely day embarks on the ship of gold 

Creating a peaceful healthy beginnings

I'm grateful for this perfect healing 

That was divine anointing 


I'm happy and filled with noorullah in my heart 

For the one and only God almighty, Allah Subhanahu Tal...

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Eid ul fitr Mubarak!!!

There's a Cresent peeping from the sky

Knocking on our doors and windows

Asking us to call our Rabb in prayer

As we sight this new moon today

Declaring it's Eid ul Fitr Brimming again

Celebrations rocking all week long

Warm hugs and blessings from our dear ones 

It's a day of happiness for all the muslims

Global religion, globally celebrated

Hearts are indebted to Allah ...

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City of Ibrahim/Abraham (A.S)

Dear souls of the city of Ibrahim

Why is it that you are still asleep

What more do you need 

Don't you have a legacy to carry


Dear souls of city of Babylon

Your history is oldest in the world

Where once the civilizations thrived

Of Mesopotamia along Euphrates and Tigris 


Dear people of the two great Rivers 

Can't you see what you inherited 

There are many a ...

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It's all from Allah/God Almighty

It's all from Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala

The tears of pain I cry

Or the smiles and laughter 

Nothing is less than a blessing

For every sorrow has a divine lesson


It's all from Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala

The family loving or hateful 

Children obedient or not 

A husband who cares or beats

A wife loving kind or one who creates unease


It's all from Allah Subhanahu...

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Ramadan Mubarak!!!

Ramadan Mubarak to all my near and dear one 

May this Ramadan brings with it every good for you 

May the showers of blessings of almighty keep falling over you 

May the peace, prosperity, happiness and success be yours forever to stay 


O the fasting ones!  Keep me in your duas too 

Never miss on a prayer and make sure to reach it on time 

Quran, the book of Allah will be our...

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Be what you are



O Dear, be what you are 

For this is what you should be

There isn't  any perfect recipe 

Be what you are meant to be


O dear let people think what they need to

Your life is yours to live through

Be happy with your skin and colour

For no one will ever know what's best for others


O dear find a lesson and a Moral in everything...

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Veiled forever

Some feelings don't need words

Nor emotions need expressions

They're beautiful unsaid, veiled

Living in the deepest core of one's soul

Igniting what's meant to be ignited

Cooling and soothing what's burning within


Some questions need no answers

Nor it's important to have quest attained

There're volumes of books that illuminates

But not everyone receives the same


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Thank you

I thank you Allah 

For this life, you've blessed 

For all the people around me 

Those I love and who love me 


Thank you Allah 

For the smiles and laughter 

For all the days that were blissful 

Those that I often remember, making me cheerful 


Thank you Allah 

For blessing me immensely 

For all the good things, You bestowed 

In the form of food, drinks and ...

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Craziness overdose 😉

I'm in a jig saw puzzle

Solving absurd riddles

Each day a new problem comes up

When I feel I've completed it

Again a new piece falls from above

It's become an adventure 

A thrill Neverending 

Going on adding all the pieces

But there's no end to it 




Life is a riddle

A big size puzzle 

We aren't playing games 

Just solving each day

Continuously t...

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When Allah made Adam (a.s)

He gave him lots of work

Sent him on earth

As vicergent of God


Adam and his children

Are born with two things different 

An angel true to guide them to do good

And a jinn to whisper in their ears evil


The choice is left to our will

Whether we respond to good or evil

Choices we make, prices we pay

Both in this world and after tha...

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Here’s a desire gleaming from the little brow of my crown
Hoping to spill the ink of love over the papers of my heart
The words like roses sprinkling fragrances strong all over 


Here’s a dream swiftly whispering in the core of my soul
Craving to spread the wings of freedom and circle the globe
Slithering through the enchanted forests and acreage of meadows


Here’s a vision ...

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Now is the time to let my wings grow

I ain't a butterfly fluttering my wings to fly

But I'm woman dreaming a life like Paradise

These wings of grace will help me keep pace


Now is the time to let the fins grow

I ain't any fish trying to swish uphill

But I'm a woman with vision 

These fins of mercy will help me reach my divine destiny



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Bubbles of success

I'm not into much of History 

Historical facts all shroudded 

No one can solve these mysteries 


Just a stroll back 2000 years 

Civilizations that lived in glory 

Now only a partial remain memory 


Names of people who lived there 

Who was successful and who was failure 

No books or CDs to confirm their reality 


Looking into the glorious past 

As it was th...

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Never be disappointed 

Never give up on life

If one door closes

Turn around, an open one you'll find


It's always about the right time

There're things awaiting on schedule

Walk forward with courage and hopefulness

Right key you shall find, right on time


There's Never any Lack

Always plenty enough 

For God To accept your prayers

And give you much more than ...

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I Have A Dream


I have a dream to build a land,
where purity flows from door to door,
unlocking the fortunes of fame and glory,
for every weak, lame and child orphaned,
bringing home good things for all,
the beauty, the laughter and the gold mounts.

I have a dream to spread love across,
fragrance spreading from heart to heart,
the old, the sick and the needy,
caring for all and inst...

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Heaven in hell

I thank thee my Rabb

For creating a heaven for me in this hell

A respite within the flames to feel and breathe 

Protection from everything evil and dark ugly


I thank thee my Rabb

For this little haven in the form of heaven 

Perfectly build for me despite all the darkness 

Life has become easy, joyful and happy for me


I thank thee my Rabb

For all the angels arou...

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Feelings of gratefulness envelopes me

As I arise from my deep sleep

Leading me Into the wakefulness 

And paving a way of never-ending feats 


Feelings of happiness surrounds me

At dawn the oceans of warmth drowns me

Like a crystal that shines bright

Emanating an eternal loving light


Feelings of love showers upon me

Drenching me completely 

Dancing into the re...

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A scene from Science Fiction movie

Drones spread over the sky

Not to capture the scenes

But to spray poison

And also to spray virus

An easy way they found

To annihilate a population

Cough, cold, fever and diarrhea 

The common symptoms

No one knew the secret enemy

That were flying above their heads

It was human beings anymore

Who were spreading any viruses

No mask can save you

If all you eat of...

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Will I ever know?

How will I ever know

the difference between each?

The good, bad, better or worse

Life has taught me best of these


How will I ever know

the value of various paths?

Untill I tread along them

I'll never be able to explore the realms


How will I ever know

the sweet bitter taste of happiness and sorrow?

Till I take the adventures of life

Unlocking the truths wo...

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New Beginnings

New beginnings is a trend setting in

Keeping entact all the lessons of past

As a torch to let the path lighting 


Moving ahead, in leaps and bounds

Constantly making recovery over lapses left behind

Going on in life with perfect zest and zeal


There's so much more to achieve in life

What's left behind was suppose to stay there

Never look back to history's truant mys...

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I Trust Thee

I trust thee, My Rabb 

I know nothing can harm me 

unless You have written it for me 


I trust thee, Ya Allah 

for everything happens to us 

as decreed by Thee 


I trust thee, O the everliving 

I'm sure You're always here 

listening to my prayers, responding well 


I trust thee, O all hearing one 

no harm the enemies can inflict upon

Your fortress is en...

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World peace

Shall I bring the peace back to the world

Once again restoring the human glory

Will the man be better than his past 

Or will he return to his previous atrocity 


Do you wish to live in peace again

Or do you want to cry and sigh

Will the humans change their way

Bringing back the humanity high


What do you want O mankind fair

Peace for all Or doom be the sway


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Aazaad Titli

Aazaad hoon, mujhey azaad hee rhney do

Chand dino ki zindagi hai, mujhey jee leney do


Titli toe hoon main, Mgr kamzor nahi hoon

Mujhey girift mey nahi leyna, bs main azaad hoon 


Merey sunheri pankhon ko, tum na choona 

Inmey jo rang hain, tumhey lage toe mujhey mt kehna


Meri umr hai bs kuch ghardiyon ki talabgaar

Mera talabgaar bankr mujhey qaid kabhi na krna


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With every fall, my soul did rise!!!

With every fall in life the soul did rise

The heights attained of everlasting bliss

To reside in the house of lord the creator

The soul to convene its holy endeavor

With every prick in life the heart did soften

Crying sorrows of pain suffered by others

Beautifying the soul and making it gentle

Achieving the tasks of a monk in a temple

With every whip the body grew s...

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