Temporary visit

I'm but a mortal 

A temporary life on earth 

Living and surviving


I'm but a woman 

In a big bad man's world 

From father to brother, husband to son 


I'm but a believer 

Chased after by evil one's

Being pulled in a hell circle 


I'm but what I wanted to be 

Peaceful, tranquil soul to see 

Living in obedience eternally


I'm but a temporary being 


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Allah is my friend

When blessings start to pour 

There's no room to store 

The cup overflows 

And life's miracles starts to show 


When Allah chooses you 

Tests upon tests shall rain upon you 

With every hardship there's doubled ease 

To make you strong comrade of Almighty 


It's not when you feel the pain 

It's not when you receive mercy 

Rather it's in the divine grace 


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I choose to walk away

I'd rather choose to walk away 

Than fall a prey to vain desires 

And letting my soul to corrupt  

Under the devil's gate 


I'd rather choose to walk away 

Than avenging the enemies stray 

Won't ever let my hands be drenched 

In the filthy blood of those gone astray 


I'd rather choose to walk away 

Than getting into useless arguments 

That brings nothing but ...

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It's Time

It's time to let go 

All that obstructs  

And hinders the glow 


It's time to move on 

From all that hinders 

Ones progress and success 


It's time to let the sun shine 

No matter how cloudy the sky 

There's always a ray to hold on 


It's time to be the one 

You expected others to be 

Calm, wise, kind and person with empathy 


It's time for a new...

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