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Life's lessons

Life has taught me many lessons 

Some beautiful memories to always remember 

others Nightmares scary that still keeps haunting 

 Still I love this life what it has served  

A platter of gold and silver brought 

With lots of peace, happiness and love 

And a rag filled with ugly situations falling off 


Someone stayed, someone went 

Those who stayed were actually meant 


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Deeply, madly do

I'm on my way up the ladder

Stepping on each level ahead

Leaving behind the realms dark

From above the journey looks good

Helps me realise how far I have reached

Only few more steps to climb

Topmost level now almost within reach


Many friends and strangers left behind

They are still trying to catch up

New one's are awaiting with stretched hands

Trying to pull me u...

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My farewell words

Times are tough and really rough

One never knows when it's their time to return

From Allah we came upon this earth

And to Allah alone we have to finally return


No one knows when could it be their last breath on earth 

I may not be able to meet many people before returning to dust

So today I thought of penning down a few farewell words

For few who would enjoy the thought o...

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Good night !!!!!!!

Today I stand to thank everyone

Those that came with light 

Holding the torches bright 

Friendly smiles to help me rise 


Thank you so much for everything 

Your friendship was important 

It has helped me achieve confidence 

And in return youre blessed with your special one 


Allah has His own way of doing things 

And I have accepted things as it is 

Neither mo...

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Divine pearls

The past like a burnt candle

Lighted my path that I traversed 

My present is like the glowing sun

That stands overhead at me now

Brightening my path to be walked upon

My future lies under the gift wrapper concealed 

Which I shall open zealously when I shall receive

And shall run on the roads discovering treasures heavenly


My book of life still open

The chapters read...

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The trailer

Life is comfortable and make believe happy 

Letting each day enriching my capacity 

Learning new tasks to do and skills upgrade 

Host of new talents need to inculcate  


This is a comfortable zone where I live 

Created a special sphere to stay in 

Everything that pleases me surrounded 

Distractions driven to minimal, around 


It's about how you think, you feel 


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Live, not just survive.

Why can't we simply live life as it comes 

Why there's this madness in some 

To end their race half their way 

And wishing in grave to lay 


Isn't life a gift for living 

While others enjoy misgiving 

And few respire untill ending 

Their only hope is glooming 


Take each day as it arrives 

Many chapters old won't survive 

New ones will add to give a perfect vi...

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There's this one word 

Continuously I see 

No matter what I read 

That one word gets highlighted 

Is it trying to tell me something 

Or this word is simply chasing me 

No matter what surf, flip or do 

It projects before my eyes 


I try to shut it out 

Ignore it completely 

Try to pretend 

I didn't read you 

And it doesn't hurt 

To see you 

Whether blac...

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Writer's joy

It gives me immense joy 

Digging deep into my soul 

Trying to dig out the best 

The true emotions hidden indoors 


I feel extremely delighted 

To rake my heart's core 

In search of feelings right 

That's submerged within bones 


I'm glad to read other's thoughts 

It gives me a peek into their soul 

Helping me talk to others 

Without making other's sore 


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For Allah, my Rabb! (I love you God almighty)

I'm happy, as happy I can be

Thankfully, gratefully

To Allah almighty 


I'm satisfied, as satisfied as I can be,

Contentment, ease 

The gifts from Allah almighty


I'm healed, as healed as I can be

Gratitude,  humility 

For Allah almighty 


I'm comfortable, as comfortable as I can be

Blessings, Mercy 

From Allah almighty 


I'm at peace, as Peacefu...

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There's a face I'm searching 

In the droplets of rain

A feeling so intense

Fills my heart with love again


How dearly these

showers are welcomed

Hoping some day

I can too join the rain


My heart's melting

In the cool breeze

That I lovingly breathe

In memory of the one I miss dearly


O rain! You have flooded


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Morning glory

Who won't awake from drifting sleepiness

When the callers are the twittering birds

Telling us that they are already on their way

Earning bread and butter for their family and themselves


The morning becomes beautiful 

With mesmerizing sounds

Of lovely birds all around

Singing a wake up song all along


With this cool pleasant and fragrant morning breeze

That intox...

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In time

I'll keep marching on

Go on walking 

From dusk to dawn

Holding my head high

Chin up and shoulders back

Running straight into dreams

That destiny has for me


I'll keep trying

This way and that

This one or that one

Something will surely work

Someone will really help

Pulling me out of this well


I'll keep hoping on

Trust the process

It may take lon...

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Winds of change

I'm busy Creating heaven on earth for me

Daily I've been working to reach Proximity

Trying my best to decorate the place

To suit my taste and my dreams

So I can happily bloom where God has planted me


I'm busy improving my soul day by day

Trying to reach the finer heights of humanity

Being just a human, folly is my ingrained nature

So I keep repenting and repeating effo...

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Fantasy poetry i

I'm falling in love once again

My heart is singing happy tunes

I need that one heart near me

A soul mate as crazy as me


I'm in love with the man of my dreams

He's heaven sent angel sent for me

A wise old man and handsomely 

Whom I always thought to me my prince charming


The birds are twittering love songs once again

All I see are the lovely flowers and amazing ...

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I'm comfortable and happy

Life is going slow

As long back it used to be

Reversal is what we see

Childhood days retreat

Hours are like days

Days are like months

And an year is longer than it could be

I've everything to keep me busy

My books, internet and chores homely

No where to go, nothing bothers any more

I'm here sitting  on my bed

resting my back comfortably


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Sci fi poetry ii

The aliens who never existed

But in movies

Came on earth in ufos

Which was seen by nobody 


Those mermaids in the sea

Visits the beaches and parks

For which they are paid

To live a lie playing that part


The talking goose and mongoose 

Wearing fancy hats and ties

Are imaginations of writers

Who cleverly created stories to become famous


The fairies i...

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Sci fi poetry

The biological warfare on the verge

People being killed with chemicals

This isn't something new happening

It's easy to spread dangerous powder everywhere


You shake hand and it's transmitted

In water poisonous chemicals being mixed

The helicopters and planes flying above

Emitting highly poisonous gases in the air


The message is crystal clear

Acid rain falls as d...

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We are making new paintings

Out of the old ones

There's a new colour added

To the paintings once done


We are learning new ways 

To live our one and only life

Old bottles are being filled

With juices from fresh farming skills


We are mending the old panes

Polishing them anew with vanishing dew

Getting a better picture inside out

While renewing the scenes un...

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No compulsion!!



I ain't asking too much 

Just you and your love 

Will you be able to do it 

Making sacrifice for me 


I don't want many things 

I'm simply wanting your heart for me 

Will you be able to let it beat 

Just for me, only me 


I'm a jealous kind 

I can't share you with anyone 

Won't let you go with any girl 

Will you be able ...

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Is there?

There's no specific age to study

One can take up any Subject regularly

Be it history or spirituality 

There's no bar, to begin studies


There's no specific time to play

You can start at any hour of the day

Just decide on the best game

And play alone or with person of your choice


There's no specific time to sleep

Just pull your favourite sheet

Push yourself lo...

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That's it

There're two options now

Accept what is and be thankful

Resist as much as you wish still your situation shall remain same

Nothing is going to change as of now

Accept and stay contented

That's it

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What it means to me.

I've nothing more to speak but silence

Because no one really wishes to listen

No one truly cares to understand my words spoken

Each one interprets according to their needs and wants

No one cares to understand the true depth of my words

They fall on deaf ears, or may be they understand but ignore my words

They all wish to do things according to their likes and dislikes

And to a...

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Song of rain

These rain bearing love clouds

Dark, dank and grey but lovely

Like umbrella it stands overhead

With holes in it's shade to spray

Drizzling nectar of love over us

Drenching us with happiness 

It's time to be merry, celebrate again

Let's sing some happy songs

While dancing our way around

Climbing hills of hopefullness

And smiling like eternal sun


The cloudy weat...

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For long I prayed

A friend true to me

A soulmate eternal

Friendship that's beauty


Two gracious ladies

With long flowing gowns 

Stepped forward

Exchanged hellos


After a decade long absence

The two meet again

A perfect time for them

To befriend once and forever


Heart's were pure

Soul's awakened 

Now the hellos

 were forever



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Blessed beginning

This beautiful day brings with it the loveliest morning 

A bucket full of clean heart filled with crystals of hope 

Blessings blowing in gentle breeze uplifting my spirits 

Doing the impossible becomes the very trait of weak 

With Allah always by my side everything becomes easy 

Safety and security divine in a fortress of my powerful Lord 

Nothing can touch me other than every go...

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A lantern of hope

There's a lady living here 

Ambiguous and disguised

She seems a happy child

Breathing in an environment vile


She carries a lantern with her

Where ever She goes

And when she lights it

It burns with oil of hope


She is the lady with the lantern of hope

The lantern never runs dry of oil

It illuminates her home

the lonely dungeons and caves


Whichever r...

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Life goes on

If lightening strikes the world 

Or the earth rumbles

There's thunder in the sky 

Or an earthquake rent assunders

The errupting fires oozing out

The flash floods destroying fields

But there's always a quiet after the monstrous play 

Birds chirping and twittering along 

The somersaults of salomns and mackerel

Gusts of wind vividly blowing 

It all sums up to say 


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The seasons lost

All the winters that came and went by 

Even the summer heat that didn't stay 

The rain that shed on windward side of life 

Springs and Autumn that quickly went by 

They weren't suppose to stay anyway 


All things temporarily exists in this world of ours 

Everything vanishes like seconds whether minutes or hours 

All seasons of childhood and of youth 

Went by quickly as ...

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For my dear family and friends 

Who have silently suffered 

Opression, diseases and loneliness 

I send you these words 

Hope they heal you perfectly well 

An anointment from heaven above 

A potion of life divine from above 

I pray these words reach you now 

And may your smiles you wear again 

May Allah restore all that you lost 

And for those loved ones who left you 


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Silly rhymes

Silly rhymes I do write

For lovers lunatics

Who fantasize life

Instead of living


Tears, tears go away

Come back some other day

Little Missy wants to laugh and play.


Smiles and Giggles went up the hill

To fetch a pale of love and friendship

I don't know what people did to them

They came down distancing eachother


Nonny, nonny

Yes dear

Waiting for...

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Beautiful life ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life is precious

So is time

Whether it's yours

Or its mine


Think of a mission

Not a silly dream

Logical steps laid

Shall help these achieve 


Aim for the stars

You may touch the sky

Be realistic in approach

Never ever fear


Goals are laid

Over the table of destiny

Now the blueprint spreads

To show you the way


Step by step

We clim...

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Liars and cheaters

Lies have no life 

Brief is its breath 

Its birth decides 

Its death 


The bigger the lie 

The younger it dies 

Lies are born triplets 

Creating alibi 


Saving skin 

Finally fleeced 

Lies fall flat 

Bare and shamed 





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Article 5: teenagers during pandemic

This article is the continuation of article 4. In article 4 I had mentioned the problems, causes and solution for growing anxiety in children. In this article I will write about how the different age group of children are being affected differently. It's mainly because of their adhering to the norms or not adhering to the norms being set by parents at home.

Firstly I will talk about children wi...

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Fearful heart

Listen to the experienced advise

They love more than recent one

Giving birth isn't an easy thing 

But seeing a child die is death

What fears attack their mind

May not be genuinely true

But their love supercedes everything 

A corpse seen long ago of a loved one

Leaves a terrible fear within the soul

A syndrome that could be cured

Only if the diseased knew the cause


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Article 4: Children during pandemic

An year long pandemic has started showing its effect on children. For an year they seemed the most happiest as they thought the period of lockdown as a vacation to rest, play, sleep and enjoy. Every good thing has an end. Anything taken in high dose can have it's negative impact. So has this so called pandemic vacation for children which at first was heartily welcomed but now is leaving behind ter...

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There are words colliding

Trying to breakthrough

Capture what's pure

And wishing it evil


Lyrics are interminglling

Confusions creating

Untying the knots

To find the string streaming


Ideas are banging

Punching in ring

Boxers are losing

Every round of their battle


Soul sits watching

Dramas on play

Actors are weird

Knight runs away



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Everlasting joy

She did breathe her last

The last cry of sadness

One that had darkness

Filled with broken past


She shed her last tear of grief

Under the imaginary black Trees

Nothing could make her happy

As the sunshine was almost brief


She spoke her dying notions clear

Of what had polluted her mind then

Into the nothingness of sorrows

Her heart was broken until tomorrow...

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Visions been fixed

Picture all clear

Images were once hazy

Now vividly displayed


There's nothing to worry

As all the dirty water's soaked

Mother earth cleansed the system 

Now purity in mind's stream flows


What was once hidden

Now over the top displayed

We can count each part

Word by word, number to number


All bones once broken

Are healing fixe...

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Bright side

Killers are now prey 

World has changed 

Lots to say 

But no words to portray 

The picture is gray 

Humans are astray 

Media displays 

False and illusions 

Confusions sway 

None comprehends 

The  only sane head left 

Isn't ready to speak 

All seems weird  

It's the only truth 

Nowhere to go 

Everywhere the same 

Just stay 

Where you are 


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Long lost noon

Where are the days 

When life was sweet 

Though a maddening rush 

The hours were seconds 

And sleep was luxury enjoyed. 


Where have those days gone 

When we planned weekends  

Booking flights and hotels 

Hot romances and beaches bare 

Snowfall with springtime stroll 


Where has that life disappeared 

That had no sadness and despair 

Nights were lovely a...

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Morning delight

Gentle breeze pulls me out

Calling my name beautifully loud

Magnetism sways in the air

Flowing through it all I enjoy


A lovely morning grows

In the orchards of love 

Each day I sprinkle smiles

And the beauty grows


Dancing through the wind

A new song the birds sing

A musical show on display

Brightly dazzling sun rays


A melody poured 

Within my h...

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Afternoon memories

It's a pleasant afternoon. Generally May isn't a very pleasant month. Unlike other years there seems to be a reversal. I comfortably sit on my couch recollecting few memories. The only noise around me is of the fast blowing fan. All is quiet and silent. It's time for afternoon siesta for everyone at home. Summer afternoon's are lazy. It makes one crave for bed after lunch. This has been so ever si...

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Article 2: Dreams

There're many who are silently suffering due to this sudden change that has hit the world. This suffering isn't due to another human assaults rather it's because of the pain one is suffering due to broken dreams. The challenge today isn't about keeping those dreams alive but the challenge is to keep your soul alive. This pandemic is just a phase, it may stay a year or many more but it too shall pa...

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Article 1

There's an urgent need to include a detailed chapter on personal hygiene. Not only on Corona virus but there are host of other diseases that are contagious and deadly. We need to educate not only the children but young, adult and old about these diseases, their real picture, the precautions to be taken and the therapy. 

A healthy life style built on healthy eating and exercising isn't enough....

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Heaven on earth

This life's a battleground 

Eachone struggles to win

Some have armour divine

Other's army of satanic wing

But none can avoid these wars

That are constantly testing

Our true mettle of purity 

Those who give up and break

Are the losers to say

But God never leaves those

Who are His battalion true

Rather Satanic ones when lose

None hold them to renew


This wo...

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The gates are open 

Streams begin to flow 

All blocked emotions 

Now ready to grow 


Heart-wrenching story 

Takes on a new go 

Forgiveness given 

Forgiveness seeking 


Past was only paving 

A way for tomorrows 

It's all according to divine plan 

So let's celebrate today 


Forgive and forget 

Let's rejoice and see 

Now the locks opened 

Love ...

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At the front

There're battles continuously fought

 Armed soldiers kill the others not 

Shields and weaponry used 

Technologically new but few


A war between ideas plain

Commandments to keep

And sins to refrain

But the lower self complains


The soldiers are very well trained

Over the years carrying heaviest load

Strength and power all ingrained

The soul soldier fighting ...

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Sound of love

She sings her own song 

Amidst all the storm 

Her verses are terse 

As she write fewer verse 


Would you play the guitar 

When she sings her songs

It would add a little music 

Which can make merrier evenings 


By the hillside the other day 

The villagers heard her say 

An old traditional lore 

When kings waged war. 


Would you care to see 

How bea...

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So to say

When the emotions come surging on

Through the gates of feelings

That were wrapped and packed

Hidden from the world to see

Then the floods engulfs everything 

That falls in it's monstrous waves

And leaves the world in ruins

A state that gives way to newer ways


When the gentle breeze of feelings

Softly strokes the pent up romances

Eyes reveal, the words of heart


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