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Covid life

Living the covid way

Is almost necessary 

For we never know

When the virus

May Slowly attack


Some precautions

Could be helpful

Social distancing

Can be fruitful

If we live covid way


Inhale, exhale

Slowly But daily

Breathing exercises

To be done



Steam bath 

Is good for health

Inhale from nose

Exhale from mouth

Vice ve...

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Follow your heart

Follow your dreams

Follow the visions

In mind you keep


Focus on good

Focus on positivity

Keep moving ahead



Remember the hour

Remember the past

It was all a lesson

To strengthen and empower


Missing the love

Missing the one

Keeping searching

Until you find what's stolen



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Life ahead

As Shakespeare defined

Human life into seven stages

Corresponding to scientific sense

Life as physically seen

For many of us

It's these seven stages


But for a believer

Each breath is a different stage

Few days you go ahead

And you might retreat on others

It's the faith that fluctuates

And it's all a common trait

For we aren't angels to state


So as a...

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Some people have no work to do

They sit back and analyze

What others could be thinking

Or what they would do

What a waste of life and time

For none have powers to define

If we introspect our emotions

By morning they are different

And towards the closing day they aren't the same

When we can't analyze our own thoughts

How then can we try to read what others feel

So i...

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There's time for everything 

And it's God who decides

When you once surrender

Then life becomes easier


It's neither the heart

Nor the mind 

That's against 

Both are waiting


High words spoken

Are often confused

With buttering 

Mine was only sincere


Philosophies differe

What you wish to see in others

start praising them 

They will definitel...

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Friends forever

It wasn't easy for her

A story worth living for

Although climbed uphill

Where the view is beautiful 

Survived all the storms

Swim through strongest waves

Reached the destined shore

And she got the best hand to hold


The roads ahead aren't clear

There seems to be no way from here

Going downhill is foolishness

Stuck in the middle of nowhere

Other faces are con...

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Beautiful life

Life is but a series of lessons

Some chapters sad 

Others are filled with happiness 

It's a saga told rhythmically 

Love this life as it comes

What is served is best for us

All events have a purpose

A divine fulfilment 


Life is like a fairy tale

Some live the wicked best

Others live the good worst

Till the climax it shall serve

Wickedness receives downfall


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Vacations are the best time

To let the mind relax

And at the same time

We can allow our mind to travel

Far beyond the universe and galaxies

Into unknown, untraveled, unexplored realms

That's where the adventure begins

Plethora of places to roam alone

Or hand in hand with your love

A beach of milk and cookies to find

That's weird so let it be gold and diamonds

A spa...

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Flip of a second

Hours decide

Life or death

Smile or frown

Within minutes 

Destiny changes

A week from now

Who knows

What may

Just holding on

Tightly to my breath

Abated eyes

Before sunrise

And sun sets

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All the knots untied

The doors opened wide

Unlocked everything 

Destiny is changing

Angels are chasing

With goodness and mercy

A reward for patience

Award winning situation

My time has finally come

All heaven sent gifts

Arrived right on time

With a grateful heart

I grab all my heavenly prize

Generations shall reap

Benefits from what I did sow

Now all go...

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The plants need no movement

They shine where they're planted

Roots going deep and branches high

Fruits that it bears or flowers sweet scented


The animals need no graduation 

Their knowledge is inborn to their needs

Reflecting on what must be necessary

Moving from place to place in search of things


The sun and moon are running races

Placed high above everything ...

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Glorious beginning

The doors are unlocked

And here I step upon

To open them wide

Into a glorious future

I have finally arrived

Things once obscured

Are now visible

What Allah has

Is more than asked for

Blessings pouring

Like never before

Prayers coming true

All at once

Into my destiny

With divine forces

I am embarking the ship

That's set assail 

Angels protecting


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Emotions is what makes us humans

The love we feel for family and friends

The joy we derive seeing our loved ones

Nothing in the world compares to true emotions


Pitter, patter the rain drops over the tin roof

Creating a joyous magic to feel through

My heart beats faster and faster as it could

A new life begins to grow within my heart true


Feelings are such intense ...

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Changed world

Times are changing fast and quick

Everywhere there's fire burning

Heated moments of arguments

Destroying the very best in every home


The world's completely losing

Its luster, shine and everything 

For meager wants and desires to say

Killing people proclaiming victory 


The human face is undergoing changes 

It's not difficult to understand what's happening 


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Contended mind

I've found the one I was searching for

A friend for life who would stay with me every hour

From birth till death and from grave till heavens above 

He shall be with me all along, never quitting or letting go


I've found the truest love in the universe for me

A lover who is always deeply fond of me

He cares way too much with or without me asking

And stands by me guarding, p...

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Peaceful soul

Serene soul gently flows

Within my mind and body

Assuring all to be well


Beautiful mornings are calling

In different notes of bird songs

Only if it could create a bit more magic


Cleansed within and out

Holding nothing

No grudges to shout


No enemy to slay nor complaints to make

Universe, heavens and me

Divinely aligned in tranquility 


Seek som...

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Tranquil heart

When peace enters your heart

And the soul finds tranquility 

The power of Allah can be felt within

Things start moving in the right direction

Of goodness and hope filled in

Then life becomes easy

And relationships starts blooming

Almost the negativities exit

And positivity starts flowing


The power of prayer has so much sway

On a person's heart, mind and soul


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Thou mayst

Let kindness be thy armour

And let compassion be thy crown


Let humbleness be your character 

And humility makes you stand above the crowd


Let truthfulness be thy word

And let honesty be thy brow


Let thy judgements be just

And thy forgiveness be must


Let thy mercy prevail

And your enemies be slain


Let thy name be holy

And all may love you wh...

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Happy life ahead!!

This new day brings with it

Joys, happiness and hope

For those who are filled with life

Each day is like a golden opportunity 

Given to us lovingly, by God almighty


Let's not the disappointments engulf us

We have our plans, but our Lord's plans are better

If we accept life as it is and it's coming to us

We shall be the happiest to live peacefully on earth

So smile a...

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I'll carry on

I'll never say Godbye

To my dreams

And desires

Burning within

Like fire


I'll never let go

People I love

For they are my soul

And I cant take in



I'll never quit

Neither aspirations 

Nor dreaming

For it's my life blood

That keeps me going


I'll never let you go

Away from me

Away from our dreams

Fossilized within

Like a lo...

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The prayer mat

As i stand to praise my lord

And fold my hands reciting holy verses

I travel in time from this world

Into the world of angels

Letting my worries topple and fall 

As i bend to highly praise my God 


The miraculous ride from here to sky

Past the universes amongst the heavenly skies 

Entering the gardens calm, deep and serene

I find tranquility in everything and every s...

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Melody of life

He stood there under the tree

For the bird to sing his favourite melody

Everyday she sang the same song

But his heart never felt strong

Reassurance was the need

His soul was then at peace

Once the birdie had a bad throat

Instead of chirping it croaked

And the boy thought she forgot

His favourite track to sing for him

Heart broken he leapt to pick the bird

And held ...

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I ain't!!

No, I ain't a saint nor a devil

Am just a speck in this tiny little riddle


The universe so vast and wild

And am only a dot unseen but can't hide


God can see me through and through

His ears can hear my conscience true


Guilty of many an undone crimes

For which forgiveness is always mine


If any soul I have ever hurt by mistake or else

I sincerely seek fo...

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I wish

I wish i had wings to fly


And a heart that never hurts


A soul that ain't searching truths


A mind free from thinking



I wish i could have a peaceful sleep


A night Wherein i feel no fright


Someone close-by to heal me right


A night of sweet dreams and not other wise



I wish i could make it to the life of my dreams


Where p...

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There're many questions doing round

Doctor death approaching

So doctor she did not count

Stranger men shouldn't be approached

So they were turned down one by one

Few of his friends made indecent contact 

They still offer her to make a mark

Queries on the never ending list

Who should be and who shouldn't be

Told to bloom where one's planted

The right gardener will pick...

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Halloween's lamb

There're demons by the window 

Crying their way into the room

The doors are locked tight

With verses spelt on it right 


It's Halloweens approximately 

Although just a night to go

Here the witches are well prepared 

To serve the good to demons altar


The comrades gone hiking

They are busy enjoying

Whilst few good lay ready

As sacrificial lamb for demonic so...

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Tonight I pray

Tonight I pray for the world to heal

All the chaos created currently

May every soul finds tranquility and peace

Let there be light heavenly 


Tonight I cry my heart in pain

For the sufferings of humanity I pray

May the world heals faster than we say

Let there be hope in every heart that's in dismay


Tonight I plant a new seed of wisdom

A dream that I haven't yet ...

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The world is changing fast

Night enveloped by day

Sunshine bright like never before

Water's fresh as epoch before

Our environment was consumed

By hungry human need

Devoured every bit and pieces

By ever growing greed

The sky is blue as it shows

The moon shines white like never before


The world is changing

Healing all its wounds and scars

Growing inch by inch


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