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Ghazala Lari on Darling Death***** (1 day ago)

Ghazala Lari on Darling Death***** (1 day ago)

Ghazala Lari on Darling Death***** (1 day ago)

Ghazala Lari on Goodbye**** (1 day ago)

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lisa donohoe on Darling Death***** (2 days ago)


O world i shall take your leave again

For i love to hibernate in my shell

It is the best place where i do belong

Nothing hurts and no sound troubles

Although i tried my best to change and fly

But since long my wings are broken and cut

I dread to fly alone in the mighty sky so high

For my trust is broken and i just cant rely

What ifs and what nots are tying too many knots


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Darling Death*****

O darling death!! Come and take me with you

For you are my lover right who will never leave me

Our date is fixed and so also our ceremonial rite

The day you shall come to visit me i shall be your bride


O darling death! Where are you lost

Have you forgotten me your soul true

I am anxiously awaiting for only you

For i know you will never leave me and go


O darling de...

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Sad reality!!! (Old age)

As a child we step into this lovely world

Parents too excited to see their child at birth

World is filled with happiness for the mother

She cares for the child, and nurtures day and night


Growing up is so much fun for everyone

Parents take pride in every effort done

Slowly the child turns into a handsone man

Nothing can stop them from moving forward


Life is roses ...

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The gentle toes (hip hop style)

The Gentle Toes ( Hip Hop)


May I have your attention please? 

I'm not afraid (I'm not afraid)
To chase the shadows away (to chase the shadows away)
Everybody (everybody)
Come take my foot (come take my foot)
We'll walk through The North Pole together, through the storm
Whatever weather, cold or warm

Her knees are skinny, toes gentle, lips are moist
There's food on her skirt alrea...

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The art of relationship****

In an artificial world today

We stand on slippery grounds

Relationships are promissory notes

Encashed when needs arise


Those who know the art of living 

Are the ones successful in minting

Relations are banks giving interest

Pretentions are awarded cups and medals


Those who are genuine and real

Are flabbergasted by things unreal

People issuing checks handsome


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Love showers#

Distance uncovered lies between us

A mile you walk and a mile me do

Together reach the assured destination

So the journey may well complete


The love shall overpower our senses

So much love to give and to take

Giving a new name and a new life

To the much awaited love rain


Showers of love may drench the soul

In care that abounds our relationship

Colouring the ...

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Back with a bang*****

The energies are flowing back

Happiness blooming within

The soul survived fatal attacks

Now peace surrounds everywhere


Come and join the music of life

It plays the songs of love and joy

Together we can have a good time

Dancing on numbers been our favourite


The smell of air intoxicates me

Sun rays penetrates my heart

Winter chill smoothes my skin

I can fee...

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hOlding onto you like glue

appealing as a new moon night

placing my heart into the rightful heart

planted a thought that grew into lovely bloom

you thought it was me, if only you could see your reflection true

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the red eyed monster

entry picture

the red eyed monSter sits within,

hoping to catch the prey at it's correct timing.

he sure sits and waits and grabs the prey

when it's busy in mundane chores.

like satan he whispers soft words of love and care,

and when you fully trust, it nabs your neck and runs away.


so don't fall a prey to the red eyed monster who sits in ambush.

always be alert of such slaughterers 


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Divine healing

The storms of life can't just break me

Thunder and lightining can't shake me

For I am tightly holding onto the rope of God

Which indeed is far stronger than an unbreakable Rod


Dear you always remember our Love is one of it's kind

For Allah has himself blessed us immensely with blessings divine

HE for sure is there with us always, holding us strongly

Nothing can ever shatt...

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Winter rain!!

As the scent of the nocturnal winter rain spread around

Intoxicated by the strong fragrance i ran out to hold by breath

To consume all the lovely, lively fragrances from the garden

Untill a little earthworm slowly crawled to where i was standing

Engrossed in the scent and the lovely winter rain i couldnot see the little creature

Untill it started crawling up my feet onto my legs


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Sitting by the window on a full moon night

On the farther end of the road in a dimly lighted hut

There was an old lady who lived alone 

Untill one day she saw a little boy crying by the roadside

She got the orphan child home and looked after him as her own

The boy got a home, food and a loving mother too

Everything was going fine untill one day the old woman died

The little bo...

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If someone hurts you or cheat you

Forgive anyway and learn your lesson


If someone tells lies and constantly lies

Forgive any way and just move


If someone plays with your sentiments and makes a fool of you

Forgive any way and just start your day anew


If someone close and dear to you maltreats you

Forgive anyway and think he has a problem too


If someone is...

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Those who believe for them it is easy to perceive

The hidden truths and realities of life other than ours

For those who do not believe can read the poems

And enjoy the lines and the words woven in magical art


This is a poem about the three different creations

That God almighty has created in the realms seen

And few in the realms unseen, you might wonder how I know

The Hol...

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Que Sera!!

What you sow, you shall reap.

A proverb old but truth unfolds


If we sow fear in our mind

We shall reap distrust


If we sow love in our heart

We shall reap togetherness


If we sow care in our behaviour

We shall reap budding relationships


If we sow hatred and malice

We shall reap enemies 


If we sow jealousy in our heart

We shall reap discontent...

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Why the good things take time to happen?

Seconds become minutes and hours into years

Every good that awaits us takes tremendously long to happen for us

Is it just a normal phenomenon or the lovers yearning just seems infinitely  long


Why is it that things are easy for some?

For others every breath is a battle ground

Fighting and struggling to achieve even the smallest dream


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Now is the time!!!

Now is the time to break the ice

So speak for many need words to heal

Speak so that the words may reach

The inner core of the dead hearts 


Now is the time to repent

So cry tears seeking forgiveness

Your Lord is a kind and loving God

He can forgive mountains of sin for sincere tear drop


Now is the time to give

So give a helping hand to a needy

A sincere advic...

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Sometimes you need a little push!!

Sometimes we need a little push

To come out of our comfort zone

Once you get that push

You are all set and ready 

To achieve your dreams


When to start, where to reach

Destination unknown

Time within reach

Sometimes you need a little push

To achieve all that you wish to achieve


All preparations finally done

But no one receiving the calls

Who shall i app...

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Life is not a game to play

We should never mess with life

All lives are sacred be it ant or birds flying high

To each their goals which in time they shall achieve

We pray, make sincere efforts and leave the outcome to God

Finally it is the Will of Almighty, who decides the time for everything

Tie your camel and then trust in your Lord, says a proverb old

All camels tied and ju...

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Just a little more!!!

There is no stepping back

Once a step forward, a decision made

Retreat is impossible for either of us

Going back from where i came

Isnt a thing sane, a new beginning already made

The path to success, love and happiness

Together we can make the mountains move

Remaining alone is not anymore my moon

I have lived ample years enjoying lonesome company

Now only wishing for the...

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Obstruction at the termination

The verses just don’t tumble

The ink splodges the leaf

And every time you engrave

You slash the desolate sheet 

Prudently comprehend the irrelevance

Of the substance to incise

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